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Saleh Ra'fat

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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Saleh Raafat is a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and head of the military and security department.

Freedom, self-determination and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.
Preserving the unity of the Palestinian people and developing the Palestine Liberation Organization.
Confronting the Judaization of Jerusalem, settlement, land confiscation, repression and siege.
Return of the displaced and refugees.
Defending women's rights and equality.
Defending the interests and rights of workers, women and popular groups.
Regulating the relationship between power and political forces.
Adoption of a democratic constitution and legislation.
Improving the performance of the executive branch.
Strengthening the role and independence of the Legislative Council.
Building a democratic civil society that separates religion and the state and preserves the rights and freedom of the individual.
Implementation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations, especially 242 338 237 425 194.
The Palestinian Democratic Union (FIDA) considers the roots of the national cause of the Palestinian people to be their uprooting from their land, their displacement and the dissipation of their identity.
Developing the role of trade unions, mass federations and civil institutions.
Care and protection of the Palestinian child.
The release of prisoners, detainees and missing persons.
Achieving comprehensive and lasting peace on the basis of the main principles on which the peace process was based at the Madrid Conference




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