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Amina Dahbour

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Amina Dahbour, a Palestinian militant who participated in the hijackings of planes.

Birth and asylum
Amina Dahbour was born in the village of Kafr Aana and then took refuge in the Gaza Strip in Khan Yunis. She is from a family that emigrated from Ashkelon in 1947. One of the Palestinian fighters who joined the ranks of the Palestinian resistance early. She belonged to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine party. She taught girls how to take up arms and make grenades.

Why is it called the first commando?
She was considered the first commando for her participation in one of the front’s foreign operations with three other militants: Muhammad Abu Al-Hajjaj, Ibrahim Youssef, and Abdel-Mohsen Hassan. They hijacked the Israeli “Al-Al” plane from Zurich Airport in Switzerland in 1969, which was coming from Amsterdam and heading for to Tel Aviv. Its goal is to raise the Palestinian issue on a global scale. And also because there is information on the front line that these planes carry weapons for Israel. That is, they are military aircraft bearing the civilian name. The operation was carried out by hitting the front of the plane, and there were only 5 people on the plane at the time. Two of them are officers in the Israeli army, and three are flight attendants, with ranks in the Israeli army. Amina Dahbour and her companions did not flee after the operation to confirm that their goal was to inform the world about the Palestinian cause.

imprison her
The Swiss judiciary sentenced Amina Dahbour and her two companions to twelve years in prison with hard labor, and she remained in solitary confinement for two years.

Her release from prison and her deportation
The Popular Front hijacked planes and detained them, including a Swiss plane, so that they could exchange it with their captives. When she was released from prison, they did not take her home, but to Cairo by plane from British Airways, and for the first time there she met Laila Khaled.




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