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Jamal Al-Khudari

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1955
  • Age: 67
  • Curriculum vitae :


Jamal Naji Shehada Al-Khodari, born in Gaza City in 1955, holds a BA in Electrical Engineering from the Arab Republic of Egypt, and a member of the 2006 Palestinian Legislative Council, who won the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections that took place in January 2006, as an independent deputy from the Gaza district.

union life
Al-Khudari is considered one of the pioneers of union and institutional work in Palestine. He has been a member of the General Assembly of the Engineers’ Syndicate for twenty-one years, a member of the Engineers Syndicate’s board of directors from 1990 until 1997 AD, and the elected Vice-President of the Engineers Syndicate for three years (previous sessions).

In addition to his academic personality, Minister Al-Khudari is known as a successful businessman, as he works in the industrial and commercial fields. He also worked in the Communications Department for ten years, where he held several positions, and was a former member of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Trade Center (Pal Trade) for two years.

Al-Khoudari maintains strong and distinguished relations with many diplomatic and official figures (Palestinian, Islamic and Arab) at the internal and external levels.

Minister Al-Khudari also participated in drafting the internal regulations and bylaws of the relevant institutions, supervised several elections for unions and national institutions, and sponsored the urbanization process, development projects and scientific conferences at the Islamic University and the University College of Applied Sciences.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic University
Minister Al-Khudari has chaired the Board of Trustees of the Islamic University - Gaza for fourteen years, and has also chaired the Board of Trustees of the Community College of Professional and Applied Sciences since its inception.

Jamal Al-Khudari’s personality has been associated with the success that he always achieves in all his experiences, especially during his leadership of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic University, with which his name was associated for fourteen years, during which the university was transferred a qualitative leap in all fields. This successful experience in sponsoring a large academic institution, such as the Islamic University is his successful example. And his role model to serve the Palestinian community, where he was able to advance the Islamic University through integrative efforts between the various departments of the university and then activate the university’s regulations and regulations. Which provided support to this university, which has become at the forefront of Arab universities, and Eng. Al-Khoudari is proceeding with rapid pace and with the same conditions and the sound foundation upon which the university was built, to transfer the experience from the university’s experience to the experience of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Nurturing creativity and creators
It also has contributions in sponsoring dozens of important creative activities for creators, as well as distinguished students. Representative Al-Khudari ran in the legislative elections with an electoral program that he presented in advance as a practical reality that was touched by the public. Through his presence in the Legislative Council, he seeks to enact laws that guarantee a free and dignified life for all Palestinians. It guarantees equal opportunities, and guarantees a free and dignified life for the families of the martyrs and detainees, in addition to a dignified life for the weak groups who are unable to work. financially accurate.

Minister of Communications and Information Technology
Jamal Al-Khudari has held the portfolio of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology since the formation of the tenth Palestinian government in March 2006.

Since assuming the portfolio of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Minister Al-Khudari has achieved a set of achievements, the most prominent of which is the opening of the Palestinian telecommunications market and with all basic and added services for free, fair and fair competition, in a way that enhances the free market economy and injects new blood and promising investments in this sector, including the victory of the National Company Last September, International Telecom awarded the second mobile phone network operator in Palestine, after submitting an offer to establish the second network, in return for an advance payment of $355 million.

Minister Al-Khudari also continues to work on the e-government project and to review and evaluate the use and evaluation of some systems in e-government.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology issued a set of directives and decisions to establish and develop work rules such as the formation of technical committees, holding internal meetings, and inspection and field tours of post offices, as well as using distinguished competencies to supplement the government cadre in the Ministry.

It also seeks to complete the studies related to the conditions for accrediting and licensing all services related to the telecommunications market, licensing requirements, the interconnection guide, the competition guide and the quality of service. with this law.

Chairman of the People's Committee to Confront the Siege
He headed the People's Committee to Resist the Siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, which aims to confront the siege and the massive destruction that has affected all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip due to the stifling and immoral siege imposed by the Israeli authorities on the Gaza Strip since mid-June from the year 2007.

His international relations
Minister Al-Khudari also attended a number of foreign conferences and meetings during his visit to many Arab countries to put the Arab brothers in the current developments and bring material and political support to the Palestinian people. He developed Palestine’s foreign relations in the fields of communications and information technology through conferences and meetings in several Arab countries, including: 1- The meeting of the Arab Telecommunication Organization in Tunisia on 27-28/4/2006 2- Meeting of the twenty-ninth session of the General Assembly of ARABSAT in the Sultanate of Oman on 24-26/5/2006 3- Council of Ministers meeting



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