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Abdul Hafeez Al-Ashhab

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1927
  • Age: 95
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Abd al-Hafiz al-Ashhab was a doctor and former minister in the Palestinian National Authority. Abd al-Hafiz Abd al-Salam al-Ashhab was born in November of the year 1927 in the city of Hebron in the home of the al-Ashhab family, adjacent to the Ibrahimi Mosque. Then the family moved to live in the Ain Khair al-Din neighborhood, where he grew up and grew up. Al-Ashhab received his primary education at Al-Khalil Primary School (currently Al-Ibrahimiya) and completed his secondary education in 1946 in Jerusalem at Al-Ibrahimiya College, which was run by the educator, Nihad Alyan Abu Gharbia.

After that, he worked for three years as a teacher in the schools of Halhul and Hebron, during which time the Palestinian people suffered a catastrophe in 1948, and since then he has participated in the struggle against the Israeli occupation.

After that, he decided to study medicine to help the people of Hebron due to the lack of doctors in the governorate and the spread of diseases. Thus, Abdul Hafeez Al-Ashhab left education in 1949 and joined the Faculty of Medicine at the Syrian University in Damascus. While he was in university studies, he was actively involved in student movements and nationalist parties, which gave him the opportunity to get acquainted with the pioneers and fighters of those movements.

He graduated from Damascus University in 1956 with a BA in Medicine, and soon joined an officer in the Arab Army, working as a doctor in the Royal Medical Services. In the spring of 1957, due to Dr. Al-Ashhab's progressive ideas and patriotic activism, he was released from the army, then arrested and imprisoned in Zarqa Military Prison for several months.

After his release from prison, he opened a private clinic in the city of Hebron in the Bab al-Zawiya area. It was the third private clinic in the city, where he was preceded by Dr. Muhammad Yahya Shawar and Dr. Hafez Abdul Nabi Al-Natsheh.

Because of his patriotic activity, the Jordanian authorities quickly arrested him again in 1958 and sentenced him to three years in prison, which he spent in the prisons of Amman, Hebron and Nablus.

After serving his sentence in prison and his release, he returned to work in his private clinic in Hebron and was known to treat poor patients for free. In addition to his professional work, Dr. Al-Ashhab was active in the national and public social work, as he was elected as a member of the Jordanian Medical Association Council, and was a founding member and head of the union's subcommittee in Hebron.

In addition, he participated in founding and leading many charitable and national institutions in Hebron governorate, including the University Students Association, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, the Patient's Friends Society, the Family Planning and Protection Society, and the Housing Cooperative Society.

After the 1967 setback and Israel's occupation of the West Bank, he became active within the framework of the National Front and was chosen as a member of the National Steering Committee, which formed the lever of the political struggle in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and he was known to cure many militants.

He participated in the first government of the Palestinian National Authority in 1994, where he assumed the Ministry of Post and Communications, which issued in 1995 the first postage stamp for the State of Palestine and signed the postal cooperation agreement with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. He also represented the authority in many Arab and international conferences, which paved the way for the establishment of the first company Palestinian Communications.

He married the activist in the feminist and educational fields, the teacher, Hiam Jamal Al-Hammouri, and they have three children: Dr. Hazem / a gastroenterologist, Assem / an administrative employee at the Ministry of National Economy, and Mutasim / a political advisor at the German representative office in Ramallah.

his death
Abdul Hafeez Al-Ashhab passed away on March 5, 2018.



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