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Saadah aljalad

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  • Страна местожительства: Palestine
  • Пол: Male
  • Born in: 1910
  • key_age: 112
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Colonel Saadeh Saleh Saadeh Hussein al-Jallad (Abu Saud; born 1910 in Tulkarm - died on January 27, 1995 in Tulkarm) was a Palestinian general and military leader, and one of the most prominent Palestinian military figures in the twentieth century. The period of Jordanian rule, and he is close to the Jordanian royal family, and a personal military companion to both Jordanian King Abdullah I bin Al Hussein and King Hussein bin Talal of Jordan.


his biography

His Excellency Saleh Saadeh Hussein Al-Jallad was born in the Palestinian city of Tulkarm in 1910. He received his education in the schools of his city of Tulkarm, then joined the Royal Military College of Sandhurst in Britain, where he studied the military; He was fluent in English perfectly, and his father, Saleh Al-Jallad, was one of the leaders of the Great Palestinian Revolt in 1936.


After his return from Britain, His Excellency Al-Jallad joined the mandatory Palestine Police Force on March 1, 1932, and continued there until May 15, 1948, when the British Mandate over Palestine ended, and he left it while holding a high military rank. 1967, during the Jordanian administration of the West Bank and Jerusalem.


During his military career, Saadeh Al-Jallad rose through his ranks; He was the commander of the Jaffa region, the Tulkarm region, and the Jerusalem region in Palestine, as well as the commander of the Karak region and the Ramtha region in Jordan, and the inspector general of the Mandatory Palestine Police, and he served in the Arab Army, the Jordanian Public Security and the Royal Jordanian Badia Forces in high positions.


His Excellency Al-Jallad was part of the Special Investigation Committee into the assassination of Jordanian King Abdullah I bin Al-Hussein in Jerusalem on July 20, 1951. During his life, Al-Jallad participated in military missions in a number of countries in the world, including: Egypt in 1955, and Iran in 1961 and 1963 Russia, where he completed one of the military courses in 1945, Yemen, where he participated in the Yemeni revolution in 1962, Saudi Arabia, where he was in the high command of the Yemen war in 1963, and many others.


After the setback war and the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Jerusalem in 1967, Saadeh Al-Jallad retired from military and political work once and for all. He left all military positions, rejected all positions offered to him, and resided in his city of Tulkarm; As Israel prevented him from traveling permanently, he could not visit outside Palestine from 1967 until his death in 1995.


in poetry

The Jordanian poet Issa Al-Naouri wrote his first poem entitled “A Tear” and its occasion is that His Excellency Al-Jallad had cried when the Al-Amoud Gate in Jerusalem was opened for the first time, on the morning of Tuesday, September 20, 1949, after it had been closed for many months due to the Palestinian war.


And from what was mentioned in Al-Na’uri’s poem about the weeping of His Excellency Al-Jallad:

Oh tear of sincerity, do not dry up, you are the remains of lost pride

Love and revolution have combined and formed you as a stinging ember

How many tears like you have been shed from a sore, sore eye

Oh tear of sincerity inexhaustible and how many heaps of brilliance in you

Heroes were not created, but the days - O meanness -

Oh tear, you sanctified a tear if our rulers had some of it

Oh tear, you were sanctified by a tear, and you were not the heroes in heartburn

Saving King Hussein

His Excellency the executioner rescued King Hussein bin Talal from an assassination attempt; During the assassination of his grandfather, the Jordanian King Abdullah I bin Al Hussein in Jerusalem on July 20, 1951, His Excellency Al-Jallad rushed to embrace Al Hussein bin Talal and pulled him away from the range of bullets that targeted him and his grandfather, King Abdullah I bin Al Hussein.


Planning to assassinate him

A group of Jordanian officers planned to assassinate His Excellency Al-Jallad, but the Jordanian Colonel Mahmoud Al-Musa Al-Obaidat strongly refused and prevented this. Al-Obaidat said: “I oppose these methods; The method of assassination is only practiced by cowards.”


his death

His Excellency Al-Jallad died in the city of Tulkarm on January 27, 1995, at the age of 85, and was buried in a remarkable official funeral. Official delegations from the Palestinian National Authority and the Jordanian government also participated in offering condolences at the home of condolences in Tulkarm.

Достижения и награды


General Saadeh Al-Jallad was awarded with a large number of military and civil decorations by several countries, the most prominent of these decorations were:


UK Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service ribbon bar.PNG British Colonial Police Medal, from King George VI of the United Kingdom, 12 June 1947.

Ribbon - Defense Medal.png British Defense Medal.

Ribbon - War Medal.png British War Medal.

JOR Order of Independence KN.svg Jordan Order of Independence.


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