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Mustafa Barghouti

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1954
  • Age: 68
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Mustafa Kamel Mustafa Barghouti is a Palestinian politician, doctor, university professor and writer. He was born in Jerusalem in 1954. His family hails from Deir Ghasana village, north of Ramallah.


In 2005, he ran for the post of President of the Palestinian National Authority, competing with Mahmoud Abbas. He was also appointed Minister of Information in the national unity government led by Ismail Haniyeh.


his career

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Medicine, a Postgraduate Certificate in Philosophy from Moscow, and a Master's degree in Management and Administrative Systems Building from Stanford University in the United States. He founded and directed the Institute for Media and Health and Development Policies since 1989.


He called for adopting the option of "popular resistance" and self-reliance as a means of liberation. He founded the Palestinian Medical Relief Movement, which serves one and a half million Palestinians annually. He also actively participated in building Palestinian civil society institutions.


Founded with Dr. Haider Abdel Shafi and d. Edward Said and Ibrahim Dakkak Palestinian National Initiative Movement. His activity also emerged strongly during the period of the second Palestinian Intifada (2000-2005), where he was active in the media in mobilizing solidarity with the Palestinian cause and building the international campaign to protect the Palestinian people. He also participated in the Palestinian leadership since that period.


He calls for popular resistance to the occupation and contributed to building the boycott movement and imposing sanctions on Israel and criticizes negotiations with the Israelis. He has no problem meeting Israeli peace activists and believes in the need to adopt a new Palestinian national strategy that focuses on changing the balance of power through resistance and boycott, ending the Palestinian division, establishing a unified national leadership and supporting The steadfastness of the Palestinians in the face of displacement attempts and the rebuilding of integration between the components of the Palestinian people at home, in the occupied territories and abroad.


He founded and directed the Institute for Information, Health and Development Policies since 1989. In 1991, Barghouti was a member of the Palestinian delegation to the Madrid Conference. In 1992, he established a program to employ Palestinian deportees from Kuwait and the Gulf to absorb the unemployed into Palestinian institutions. He also participated in the establishment of the National Committee for the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped.


He participated in the 1996 Legislative Council elections, and was elected from the Ramallah district, but he gave up his seat to the Christian candidate in accordance with the quota system.


He participated in the Leadership Committee for the Madrid Negotiations led by Dr. Haidar Abdel Shafi and was a member of the Steering Committee for the Multilateral Negotiations until he resigned from the delegation in April 1993 due to his opposition to the negotiation approach that led to the Oslo Accords and the continuation of settlements in the occupied territories.


He founded with Haidar Abdel Shafi and Mr. Ibrahim Dakkak the Palestinian National Initiative Movement in 2002, of which he is currently serving as its Secretary General.


He contributed to the establishment and management of the Palestinian Information and Monitoring Media System since 2002, which aims to influence international public opinion to counter Israeli propaganda at the international level.


Barghouti ran for the presidential elections in 2005 and received 19.48 of the total votes.


He ran in the legislative elections held in January at the top of the independent Palestine list in 2006, which Hamas won, as an independent candidate and promised to fight corruption and nepotism and demanded the dismantling of the apartheid wall.


He played an important role in mediating between Fatah and Hamas, which later led to the formation of the national unity government. In 2007, he was appointed Minister of Information in the Palestinian National Unity Government led by Ismail Haniyeh, which was sacked by President Mahmoud Abbas in June of the same year after it was besieged by Israel and a number of supportive countries.




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