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Muhammad Tariq Al-Khadra

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  • Страна местожительства: Palestine
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  • Born in: 1941
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Muhammad Tariq al-Khadra (1941 in Safed - died on August 5, 2020 in Tishreen Military Hospital, Damascus) was a Palestinian general and chief of staff of the Palestine Liberation Army, and a member of the General Union of Palestinian Writers and Journalists.


his biography

Major General Al-Khadra was born in the city of Safed and lived his early childhood in the cities of Gaza, Haifa and Safed in occupied Palestine. During the Palestinian catastrophe in 1948, Al-Khadra displaced a child with his family from Safed on foot to the Syrian city of Homs through the Lebanese city of Bint Jbeil.


He spent his first school stage in the city of Homs until 1958, before continuing his secondary education at Jawdat Al-Hashemi School in Damascus in 1960.


In the military

In the same year 1960, he enlisted in the Syrian Arab Army (the Northern Territory Army in the Unity State between Syria and Egypt) and joined the Military Technical College in Cairo.


He graduated from the Military College in Homs in 1962 with the rank of lieutenant, and worked in military engineering units. After the establishment of the Palestine Liberation Organization, he joined the Palestine Liberation Army in mid-1966 with the rank of first lieutenant and was appointed to the General Command of the Palestine Liberation Army, headquartered in Cairo.


Two months before the June 1967 war, Al-Khadra joined the Palestinian Liberation Army units fighting in the Gaza Strip and fought the war in defense of the Strip as a company commander. After the setback, he joined the Liberation Army units stationed on the Suez Canal front near the city of Fayed and remained for ten months as Chief of Staff of the Saiqa Brigade within the Ain Jalut forces in this location. In the middle of 1968, he moved to work in the units of the Palestinian Liberation Army in the Syrian Arab region and took over the leadership of the Saiqa Brigade in the Hittin Forces with the rank of captain.


He led his unit, which was stationed in the southern sector of the Syrian front (at Wadi al-Raqad) from late 1968 until the first quarter of 1970, during which he fought and supported many successful commando operations against the Israeli forces. He moved with his unit to the Arqoub area in southern Lebanon in 1970 to protect the Palestinian resistance that was in its infancy there. Then he moved from southern Lebanon and entered his unit with the rest of the Hittin forces units to the Irbid area in Jordan during the events of Black September. At the end of 1970, he formed the Military Reconnaissance and Security Division in the Palestinian Liberation Army, and in 1971 he assumed the duties of the Hittin Forces Command, holding the rank of captain in addition to being head of the Reconnaissance Division.


In 1972, Al-Khadra followed a one-year military course in the Soviet Union. The commander of the Liberation Army participated in the units of the Hittin Forces during the October War of 1973, which carried out a successful landing operation behind enemy lines in the area of (Tal al-Faras). Al-Khadra assumed the duties of commanding the liaison forces in northern Lebanon from late 1975 until the second half of 1976, at the rank of lieutenant colonel. In 1980, he was promoted to commander-in-chief of the Palestine Liberation Army, then was promoted to major general in 1999.


In the world of literature

Major General Al-Khadra holds a Bachelor of Arts - Department of History from Damascus University in 1974, and is a member of the Arab Writers Union and a member of the Palestinian Journalists Writers Union.


He wrote many political articles in Syrian newspapers during more than twenty years, and he wrote many intellectual studies in the "Voice of Palestine" magazine for more than thirty years. He gave many political speeches on various national and national occasions. He published several poems in the Literary Week newspaper and the Literary Position magazine, both issued by the Arab Writers Union, and in the Voice of Palestine magazine.


His writings

Diwan Taghreed Qabra, Damascus, 2005

Diwan Shrike Watan, Damascus, 2006

Diwan of the time of silence

Diwan Hadith Soul

Diwan between echo and tales a puzzle

his personal life

He is married and has three sons, a son and two daughters, and he is the brother of Major General Hazem al-Khadra, who commanded the Syrian Air Force between (2005-2008) and then Director General of the General Organization for Civil Aviation.




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