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Fahmi Sharif al-Hajj Mustafa al-Abboushi

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1895
  • Age: 127
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Fahmi Sharif al-Hajj Mustafa al-Abboushi, a Palestinian from Jenin born in 1895 and died in 1975, was one of the pioneers of the Palestinian national movement during the British Mandate, where he was one of the founders of the Arab Independence Party in 1932 and also served as mayor of Jenin from 1934 to 1938.  He served as the director of the Arab Umma Bank in Jenin from 1944 to 1948 and was classified by Bayan Nuweihed al-Hout in her book Palestinian Leadership and Institutions between 1918-1948, as one of 100 Palestinian figures who had a leading role in the Palestinian national movement during the British Mandate.

Conferences in which he

He participated in many Palestinian conferences, committees and associations during the British Mandate of Palestine, where he represented his city of Jenin in many conferences, including:

- Member of the Fifth Arab-Palestinian Congress held in 1922.

- Member of the Seventh Arab-Palestinian Congress and a member of the                  Executive Committee in 1928.

- Chairman of the conference held in Nablus to address the issue of the armament of the Jews held on August 1, 1931, where he represented the city of Jenin with Messrs. Fadl al-Taher, Farid Arshid, Fouad Abdul Hadi, Muhammad al-Mas'ud Jarrar.

- Member of the First Arab-Palestinian Youth Conference, where he was one of the    Executive Committee of the Conference on 4 January 1932

- Co-founder of the Arab Independence Party on August 2, 1932

- He was a representative member of the city of Jenin with Mr. Abdelghani Sinan at the special meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss the problems of immigration and land sale in 1933.

- He was a member of the Bloudan Conference held on 08/09/1937 in Bloudan, Syria in order to reject the decision to divide Palestine, where he represented Jenin with Sheikh Adib al-Khalidi, Mufti of Jenin.

- Member of the Islamic Charitable Society in Jenin.

- He was from the jury in the city of Jenin until his death.


 Joining the Istiqlal Party

He was one of the pillars and founders of the Arab Istiqlal Party where the constituent body of the party consisted of the following gentlemen: Awni Abdulhadi (where he was his close friend and close relationship), Mohammed Azza Druze, Sobhi al-Khadra, Rashid al-Haj Ibrahim, Mu'in al-Madhi, Salim Salama, Fahmi al-Abboushi, Akram Zuaiter, Ajaj Nuwaidh, Hamdi al-Husseini, Harbi al-Ayoubi.


Muhammad Azza Darwaza states in his memoirs:

   Fahmi Al , Abboushi  We agreed on Fahmi al-Abboushi from Jenin, who was a colleague of ours in the Executive Committee and who was of national toughness, national principles, independence, boldness in saying and improving public speaking. Fahmi al-Abboushi is from the prominent and relevant Abboushi family in Jenin, and after his primary school he went to Beirut and entered the famous Sheikh Abbas Islamic School that we mentioned earlier, and it is okay with his culture, and he is from my generation. He is an independent and borderline Arab nationalist, his morals are good, he is solid in his positions, he is bold in speech and he improves rhetoric. It is prudent and thoughtful.             Fahmi Al , Abboushi

—Muhammad Azza Druze, Memoirs of Muhammad Azza Darwaza


Presidency of Jenin Municipality

He headed the municipality of Jenin in 1934 until 1938 during the British Mandate of Palestine, where his presidency was within the sensitive revolutionary period, especially during the Palestine Revolution of 1936, and he was subjected to numerous harassment by the British Mandate authorities until he was removed from the mayorship of Jenin in 1938 by the British because of his support for the Arab revolution. He was exiled to Beirut, Lebanon, until 1940 and then returned to Jenin. He then took over the management of a bank, and as the poet Burhan al-Din al-Abboushi states in his memoirs, his house was blown up by Jews in Jenin along with several other houses in Jenin.

His oratory skills

He participated in a national meeting as a preacher in Haifa on 14/12/1932 on the 14th anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem in 1918 and participated in the celebration of the memory of the three martyrs Muhammad Jamjoum, Atta al-Zeer and Fouad Hijazi, where he participated as a preacher in this festival. The Arab historian Nicolas Ziadeh quoted Fahmi al-Abboushi as saying:


   Fahmi Al , Abboushi  He was the spokesman for the al-Aboushi family, was a first-class orator, and had a disc at every wedding. Even when an acting troupe came to Jenin and represented Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi's novel (by Sheikh Najib al-Haddad) and the singing of Salama Hijazi, Fahmi al-Abboushi gave a long speech before the start of acting to explain the novel, its historical background and the importance of the great singer Salama Hijazi (although he was not the singer at the time). I say this because I attended it then in 1921 – the first acting novel I brought in my life. I paid two and a half piasters.             Fahmi Al , Abboushi

—Nicolas Ziada, Al-Hayat Newspaper


He died in Jenin in 1975 at the age of 80, and his body was funeral to the eastern cemetery of Jenin, where he was lamented by poetic verses written on his grave:



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