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Nafi Mustafa Al , Abboushi

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1877
  • Age: 145
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Nafi al-Abboushi is a Palestinian (born in 1877 in Jenin, Palestine – died in 1929 in Palestine).


He was one of Palestine's most prestigious national figures at the beginning of the twentieth century where he was a member of the First Arab-Palestinian Congress in 1919, he was elected representative of the city of Jenin with Haider Abdul Hadi to attend the Arab Conference, which sent a telegram to the General Peace Conference against making Palestine a national home for the Jews.

He also attended the Seventh Arab-Palestinian Conference held in Jerusalem from August 20 to 27, 1928.

The poet Burhanuddin al-Abboushi also referred in the play The Martyr's Homeland in 1947 to the role of Nafi al-Abboushi, which is to give a sound opinion, by not paying attention to distraction with words but by walking on a clear path, based on piety and reliance on the power symbolized by the Hossam:

O free people, time is over. And the Arab men are having fun with words

They drew for the people by piety the Sunnah And they abandoned the saying and tightened the hussam

He was also a member of the municipality of Jenin during the period of Ottoman rule in the city.

From what the late Muhammad Azza Darwaza mentioned in his memoirs regarding the first Palestinian conference, about Nafi' al-Abboushi "and those with whom we knew and trusted in the conference, Nafi' al-Abboushi, who was of a leadership appearance and one of the useful elements in the conference, and our friendship continued and cooperated with him in many positions and conferences, and we remained and remained so until God passed away."


 Conferences in which he

- The First Palestinian Conference held in 1919.

- The Fourth Palestinian Conference held in 1921.

- Member of the Advisory Committee for the Establishment of the Electoral Council in 1921.

- The Fifth Arab-Palestinian Conference held in 1922.

- The Seventh Arab-Palestinian Conference held in 1928.

- The Islamic Conference for the Defense of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Islamic Holy Places, held in 1928.



He died in 1929 when a great funeral was held for him attended by the great Palestinian poet Ibrahim Touqan, who at the time lamented him with verses of poetry still written on his grave today in the eastern cemetery of Jenin.




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