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Majdouleen Hassouna

Majdouleen Hassouna

Sector : Media, Journalists

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 0
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Nablus - While Majdoleen Hassouna was sitting at her home in the city of Nablus, she was waiting to hear her name as a candidate for the Freedom of the Press (Freelance Journalist) award launched by the international organization Reporters Without Borders; Her husband, journalist Muhammad Khairy, was collecting her personal belongings and removing her picture from the wall of her house in the Turkish city of Istanbul to hand it over to its owner after his monthly wages could not be paid. The dream of traveling together and working there was stifled by the Israeli occupation authorities by preventing her from traveling.


Majdoleen Hassouna is a Palestinian journalist who hails from the city of Nablus (northern West Bank) and is active in defending journalists and the persecuted Palestinians and Israelis against the background of their political positions or journalistic work, which led to her detention and summoning several times by Palestinian security and the Israeli occupation, which has prevented her from traveling since August 2019.




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