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Hisham Abu Shakra

Hisham Abu Shakra

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Today, Monday, photojournalist Hisham Abu Shakra, from Bethlehem, won the Best Video Award for the year 2017/2018, for the video he took during the Israeli occupation forces’ assault on medical personnel at the northern entrance to the city of Al-Bireh, and the attempt of paramedic Nisreen Amira to free a wounded young man from the hands of The soldiers who were trying to arrest him.


Abu Shakra won the competition organized by the Turkish Anadolu Agency, at the level of Turkey, the second time in a row that he has won this award.


Abu Shakra said that the video of the assault on medical staff got the best video. He considered that receiving the award motivates him to document more crimes of the occupation, since the message has been received.


He stressed that competing in international competitions helps spread Palestinian work, of any kind, and reach the largest number of people, especially since millions around the world will follow these competitions and actions that show the brutality of the occupation. Abu Shakra pointed out that the video component is the most widely spread and reaches people, and it is able to deliver the message in a strong and more effective way.


Photographer Abu Shakra dedicated this victory to the souls of the two martyrs, Yasser Murtaja and Ahmed Abu Hussein.


Abu Shakra had won the Best Video Award for the year 2015/1016 when he captured a video showing the moment the occupation attacked the family of the captive Ahed Tamimi, while she and her mother, Nariman Al-Tamimi, were trying to free her son from the hands of the occupation forces that were trying to arrest him.




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