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Ahmad Massad

Ahmad Massad

Sector : Media, Directors

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1987
  • Age: 36
  • Curriculum vitae :


Ahmed Massad, an actor and film and theater director, of Palestinian origin, of Jordanian nationality, was known for his sarcastic way of conveying the mistakes of our lived reality in the hope of change.

Ahmed Massad began his career as an actor in 2009, and he had many cinematic and theatrical participations, both local and international, but his actual career and fame began when reality took over his big theater and cooperated with his virtual characters by conveying the secrets and rots of this theater in a sarcastic way that invaded people's hearts and minds.

In 2017, the Egyptian comedian Hani Mustafa accused him of stealing his personality and ideas, describing him as a “thief.” After that, Massad apologized to Mustafa and explained that what he did was a quote out of his admiration for the character and not theft. At that time, he received a lot of support from Jordanian comedians and the Jordanian public.

After this accusation, which affected him, Massad determined his path and devised his own comic program with hypothetical characters not quoted at all, under the name “Zero”. Learn about the biography, achievements, judgment, sayings, and all the information you need about Ahmed Massad.

The name Ahmed has many meanings and connotations, which you can identify through: The meaning of the name Ahmed.

Ahmed Massad was born on January 4, 1987, in Amman, Jordan. He grew up in a family of photography. His father and grandfather worked for a long time in professional photography, but this was not behind his entry into the world of theater.

Massad discovered his talent for acting at the age of twenty, after he was alienated from the purely realistic subjects he was studying during his early education. In most classes, Massad was the naughty child and student who liked to imitate characters in a sarcastic way. Massad initially studied at the University of Jordan, then moved after about a year to study cinematic arts at the Red Sea Institute in Jordan.

Ahmed Massad's personal life
Ahmed Massad does not share the details of his personal life with the public and prefers to maintain his privacy, so there are no details about his personal life

Facts about Ahmed Massad
Ahmed Massad is a member of the Dream initiative to teach children through the arts in Jordan.

One of Ahmad Massad's hobbies is playing, as he is a good player on the guitar and piano.

Massad took the Joker as a guide to the content he provides. From his point of view, the Joker always has two sides. The first is the satirist who tries to make those around him laugh at the bitter reality that surrounds them, and the other tries to fix this reality, and he wants to be like this.

Massad's most important dream is to get an Oscar, and he says that he will get it sooner or later if he is an actor or director, and this will remain his relentless passion and his first dream.

The most famous sayings of Ahmed Massad
What distinguishes one person from another is that there are people who succumb to fear and frustration, but their weight becomes lighter, and there are people who continue despite the decrease in weight. The people who complete are the ones who have motivation and purpose.


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