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Saud Muhana

Saud Muhana

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Palestinian director Saud Muhanna: "The Last Picture" between love and war
Kabi Latif hosts, in the “Dialogue” program, the Palestinian director Saud Muhanna, president of the Palestinian Film Forum and founder and president of the International Return Film Festival, on the Palestinian film scene, and his latest work, “The Last Picture.”

Palestinian director Saud Muhanna believes that cinema is life, mother, woman and daughter, and says that through it he tries to highlight the Palestinian cultural identity and Palestinian customs and traditions, and that through the cinematic scene he aspires to document the memory of Palestine. He stated that the Palestinian people love life and learn about the cultures of different peoples, and sent a message to the world entitled Peace.

The movie "The Last Picture"

Palestinian director Saud Muhanna mentioned that his modern film "The Last Image" reviews the details of a human relationship that brought together a girl and two young men who were destined for a painful fate. He explained that through his artistic works, he aspires to highlight the image of the creative Palestinian in the fields of drawing, folk dance, writing, plastic art, and shedding light on Palestinian culture.

Palestinian women in the cinematic scene

Director Saud Muhanna confirmed that he cares about women's issues in his work, as he is a member of the advisory board in the "Gaza Festival through Women's Eyes." He added that he presented many seminars focusing on women's cinema in the Arab world, indicating his interest in training girls to make their own films and dreams.


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