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Sana Hammoud

Sana Hammoud

Sector : Media, Journalists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1998
  • Age: 25
  • Curriculum vitae :


Palestinian journalist Sana Hammoud (25 years old) wanted to celebrate her wedding in her Palestinian way by showing the Palestinian heritage in the smallest details. In her interview with Al-Awda News Network, she said, "I designed, embroidered and tailored the special dress for my wedding to coordinate the colors, all of which are the daughters of my ideas and my own taste."

She added, "I wanted to hold my wedding ceremony in the Palestinian way, which I did not experience, but I heard it from my family and grandparents, from the henna evening, the Palestinian dress, hospitality, sweets, and bitter coffee, all of which were in the Palestinian way, even the songs were only Palestinian patriotic."

It is noteworthy that the groom is a young Lebanese man who breathes the breeze of Palestine and always sees it from his village in the Arqoub region. Journalist Sana Hammoud wanted to paint their wedding in the Palestinian way, which indicates the depth of the relationship between the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples since before the Nakba until today.

Sana works as a Palestinian journalist covering the events of the Palestinian camps in particular, and follows stories that are similar to hers. And instead of shedding light on the event in the camps, the diaspora and the homeland, it was the night of her life that was the event.

Sana told Al-Awda News Network, "She married a Lebanese young man who loves Palestine as if he were completely Palestinian, and that she now lives in Al-Habariyah, which is a border area with Palestine, to breathe the homeland's air and smell its soil that has been stolen for decades."

At the end of her interview with Al-Awda News Network, journalist Sana Hammoud said, "I dream of returning soon to Palestine, to enjoy my eyes with the beauty and sweetness of my stolen homeland, and I dream that God will honor me with sons and daughters to carry the love of the homeland and the concern for Palestine."

Sana Hammoud wanted to prove to the occupying enemy that our battle with you is multiple, the most important of which is the battle of the heritage that he will not be able to obliterate and steal, and that showing the joy of wedding in the Palestinian way is a message sent by the generations who were not born in Palestine confirming that love for the homeland is greater than refuge and distance, and that adults die and children die. They do not forget, and we adhere to the right of return and liberation, God willing.


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