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Muhammad Ayesh

Sector : Media, Directors

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1952
  • Age: 71
  • Curriculum vitae :


Muhammad Ayesh was born in Hebron in 1952 and died in Amman on July 29, 2017. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in film direction from Cairo in 1982. He is a member of the Artists Syndicate, a member of the Professional Affairs Committee for more than one term, a member of the Membership Committee for more than one term, and a member of the Syndicate. Film professions in Egypt (1982).

Business name production the year
fraternity Abdul Rahman Al-Aqrabawi 1990
Whiteness Angad Film 1991
Strange home My soul is safe 1992
Falcon and Raha My soul is safe 1995
chivalrous My soul is safe 1996
Bedouin puzzle mbc 1996
Abu Al-Arif Jordanian TV 1997
Between two fires Arab Centre 1997
Ayoub's patience Jordanian Production Corporation 1998
Abu Awwad 1 Jordanian TV 1998
Abu Awwad 2 Jordanian TV 1999
I dare you, my tears Jordanian TV 1999
Brave brothers Saudi TV 2000
authentic Ismail Kitkat 2002
vice versa Saudi TV 2002
concrete points Saudi TV 2003
Torches of light Saudi TV 2004
rogues (made in) mbc 2006
Sins have a price mbc 2007
al-Emam Al Shafi Saudi TV 2007
Valley fire Kuwait TV 2008
Half Moon Jordanian TV 2010
Tash what tash 17 mbc 2010
Tash what tash 18 mbc 2011
horoscope descending Dubai TV 2012
the hook Saudi TV 2013
Driver and worker Gulf Rotana 2014




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