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Ahmad Saleh

Ahmad Saleh

Sector : Media, Directors

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Ahmed Saleh is a Jordanian writer, director, and film producer of Palestinian origin. He holds a master’s degree in digital media from the University of the Arts Bremen, and another master’s degree in writing and directing from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.

He spent most of his school years in Germany, where he lived for a while. He was not born in Palestine, but he used to visit it, and each time it left in his mind details and stories that he wished he could tell in his own way and as he saw them with his own eyes.

The focus of the events of the movie My Eyes
He started writing short stories as a way to communicate his ideas, but he did not find enough interest from readers, so he turned to films as a place through which he could reach the largest number of people.

It is an 11-minute short film. The events of the film My Eyes tell the story of the strength that grows inside the body of those who live under injustice and suffering.

The idea for the film was inspired by an explosion in which two boys were victims. They received the same injury. The strength of the scene made their injuries inspire them to force people to come together to help the two boys.

The title of the film was The Eye That Saw a Bomb Explosion while two children were playing quietly in their camp. The incident left a lot in his mind. He narrated it with music and puppets.

He finds a poetic language in creating the virtual world of dolls, and the drawings mitigate the force of shock to convey scenes of hope from within the pain.

What is common between the real event and the puppets is that they are out of reality.

Achievements and Awards

Awards he won
He won the “Young Writer Award” for the year 2004 for a collection of short stories from the A.M. Qattan Foundation in Palestine.
His thesis project “My Eyes” won many awards, including the gold medal at the Student Academy Awards for the 2016 Foreign Animation category, being the first Arab to win this award.
Award for the best film “AYny - My Second” in 2016 by the Palestinian director Ahmed Saleh, which is a joint production between Germany and Jordan, during the conclusion of the activities of the Lebanese International Film Festival for Short Films, organized by the Istanbul Theater in the Stars Cinema Hall.
His most notable achievements
Saleh, along with his two brothers Saleh Saleh, founded a production studio in Amman called: Seven Brothers Productions. The studio has made some short films that have reached the international level.
A collection of short stories entitled Zawada
My eyes movie 2016
Manzil movie in 2012. The film won several important awards in Europe, the United States, Iran and Jordan.
"MAA BAA" movie 2016




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