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Ahmed Al-Sheikh

Ahmed Al-Sheikh

Sector : Media, Journalists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1949
  • Age: 74
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The Palestinian journalist Ahmed Al-Sheikh was born on July 20, 1949 in Jama’il, which is 14 kilometers southwest of the city of Nablus. He received his primary and preparatory education at Jama’il School. Then he moved to high school in the nearby town of Salfit and graduated from it in 1968, a year after the completion of the occupation of Palestine in 1967. 

He obtained a bachelor's degree in English language and literature from the University of Jordan in 1972. He worked as an English language teacher in the Jordanian capital, Amman, for three years. Then he began an ongoing expatriate journey since September 2, 1975, when he moved to Kuwait. He remained a teacher until 1980, when he devoted himself to working in journalism in Kuwait, then in Britain, at the British Broadcasting Corporation, and in Qatar, at Al Jazeera, before it became a large network, where he held various positions, most notably advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Jazeera Media Network.

who devoted himself entirely to working in journalism in Kuwait in 1980, and he was engaged in it part-time while teaching. He rose in his journalistic work from editor in the print press to editor-in-chief of the Kuwaiti Al-Buraq magazine specializing in aviation affairs, in addition to his evening work in the Kuwaiti newspapers Al-Qabas and Al-Anbaa starting in 1977. He began working in television journalism at Kuwait TV in 1976 and remained there until 1990, 

when Iraq occupied Kuwait, then returned with his family members to where he started in Palestine and Jordan. He joined the British Broadcasting Corporation's Arab Television in 1994 as a senior editor until it closed in 1996. Al Jazeera opened its doors and he joined it as a producer and then became alternate managing editor.

What he is always happy to mention is that his voice was the first voice to emanate from the Al Jazeera channel studios to the airwaves on November 1, 1996, when he recited the Qur’anic verse: “My Lord, expand for me my breast, and ease for me my affairs, and untie the knot from my tongue, so that they may understand my words.” He presented the first program. A talk show called “Sharia and Life”.

He continued his work in documentaries, producing and directing several of them as part of the “The Witness” program. He assumed the editorship of the Al Jazeera Net website when it was launched in 2000, then launched and managed the editing of the Al Jazeera Net website in English. In addition, he presented the “Reporters” program.

He became editor-in-chief of Al Jazeera Arabic in 2004 and remained in the position until October 2010. He then assumed the position of advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Jazeera Media Network, and at the same time directed and produced the documentary program “The Witness”. He contributes articles about the Palestinian issue to Arab newspapers.



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