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Muhammad Atiya Hussein Al-Titi

Sector : Media, Actors

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1977
  • Age: 46
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Muhammad Atiya Hussein Al-Titi  ( April 4 ,  1977  )  is a Palestinian comedian  , theater and television  actor . 
He played several  theatrical  and television roles  in  Palestine  and Jordan , and he is one of the founders of the “Yes Theater.”
In  the city of Hebron  , next to Ihab Zahida and Raed Al-Shuyouki. He was born in  Al-Fawwar Camp, Hebron .
He obtained a high diploma in “Drama in Education” from  the University of Gdańsk ,  Poland .
He acted in dozens of plays inside and outside Palestine that sparked controversy in the region
He also participated in many episodes of the famous comedy series “ Watan A Watar. ”
Next to actor  Imad Farajin . In 2019, Al-Titi won the second best actor award
At the “Bila Production” International Festival in  Alexandria ,  Egypt .

His life

Al-Titi currently lives in  the city of Hebron . He is married and has three sons and a daughter. Al-Titi's acting features began   to appear when he was in the tenth grade, but he officially began acting in 1998, when he received training in the field of theater and acting at that time. He obtained a diploma in acting from the special training program at the Dutch-Palestinian Theater Day Institute (1997-2001). In 2006, he obtained a supplementary study diploma in “Measuring Drama in Education and Its Impact on Society” from the Polish University of   Gdańsk . 

He then continued his path in  the theater  , where he had several important artistic works in the theater, including the play “In the Place,” “The Walking Boy,” “The Crazy One,” “The Swing,” “Lost Horses,” and “The Expatriates.” As for  televisionIn addition to the fact that he acted in the “Al-Team” series, which is produced by the Ma’an Company in Palestine, and he worked in the “Shabik Labbaik” program, he participated in nine seasons in the “ Watan A Watar ” series,  where Al-Titi met  Imad Farajin  in 2011 during their work in “Play 603.” Including his participation in the series. Al-Titi currently works as co-director  of the Yes Theater  , which he helped establish in 2008 alongside his colleagues Ihab Zahida and Raed Al-Shuyouki in  the city of Hebron .

Artistical works

“ The Team ” series .
“ Watan A Watar ” series .
Shabik Labbaik program.

The stage

Plays he participated in
The play “ Lost Horses ”, written by Adnan Al-Awda and directed by Ihab Zahida.
The play “ Three in One ”, directed by Ihab Zahida.
The play “ Crazy ”, written by Mahmoud Assi and directed by Jan Willems.
The play “ Pedro and the Captain ,” written by Mario Benedetti and directed by Ihab Zahida.
The play “ The Walking Boy ”, written by Jackie Lubeck and directed by Jan Willems.
The play “ The Same Problem ”, written and directed by Ihab Zahida.
The play “ The Other Half ”, written by Jackie Lubeck and Jan Wilms.
The play “ The Swing ”, written and directed by Jackie Lubeck.
The play “ Mirror ”, directed by Ihab Zahida. It was shown in  Tokyo ,  Japan .
The play “ Normal ”, directed by Amer Khalil.
The play “ 603 ”, written by  Imad Farajin  and directed by Manal Awad.
The play “ The Expatriates ”, written by Slovomir Morgic and directed by Ihab Zahida.


Achievements and Awards


2019: Second Best Actor Award at the “Bila Production” International Festival, Alexandria , Egypt

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