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Youssef Abu Wardeh

Sector : Media, Actors

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Youssef Abu Wardeh (Hebrew: יוסף אבו ורדה; born August 19, 1953) is a Palestinian-Israeli stage, film and television actor from the village of Jish in the Upper Galilee inland.

the biography
Abu Wardeh was born in the village of Jish in Galilee, and is the eldest of five siblings. At the age of five, the family moved to the city of Acre. Youssef studied at the Beit Zvi Theater School.

Professional biography
The actor played roles in the Haifa Municipal Theater, including "A View from the Bridge", "Ghetto", "Waiting for Godot", "The Assistant", "The Jewish Soul", "The Island", "Black Rain", "Ulysses in Bottles", "Thirst and Hunger", "The Monkey Trial", "One Man and One Woman", "Awake, Ye Sing", "Mr. Buffo's The Masquerade", "The Housemaster", "End Game".

He is known for his roles in the liberation series “Habourer” (2007-2014) and the series The Tyrant, which was shown on the Fx channel. In 2014, in addition to his role in the movie The Promised Land, directed by Amos Gitai. (2004)

One of his most important theatrical works is the monodrama “Ibn Rabaa,” a play composed of texts by the late artist Salman Natour. Directed by Makram Khoury at the Midan Theater in Haifa (2017). He also played the starring role in the series “Stuck Inside the Window” in 2015, directed by Ali Nassar. One of his most recent works is the play The Fun Duo, starring him, in addition to Makram Khoury and Iyad Shetty, and directed by Ghassan Abbas (2019).

His cinematic works
Michel Ezra Safra and Sons series (1982)

Fellow Travelers (1983)

On a Narrow Bridge (1985)

He played the role of Ali in the film Nadia, which tells the story of an Arab girl in a Jewish school (1986).

The film Wedding in Galilee (in the name of) by Palestinian director Michel Khleifi in 1987.

From 1993 to 1994, he appeared in the TV series Jeeran Sh'henim, which ran from 1983 to 1994.

Cup Final movie in 1991.[1]

The Milky Way movie, The Miky Way, played the role of (The Ruler), written and directed by Ali Nassar. (1997)

Yom Yom (Youssef) movie in 1998.

Aaron Cohen's Debt (1999)

Holy Kadosh in 1999.

Kedma Progress movie in 2002.

Tik Sagur series in 2003.

Peach movie (Taxi Driver) 2003.

Meorav Yerushalmi series in 2003 and 2004.

Year Zero 2004.

Promised Land (Youssef) in 2004.

Amit Bizman Emet movie in 2004.

Love Behind the Corner series Ahava Me'ever Lapina in 2005.

Whispering Embers movie, 2005.

Disengagement movie, 2007.

Mapping short film (2007)

For My Father (2008)

Pomegranates and Myrrh, written and directed by Najwa Najjar (2008)

Amreeka played the role of (Nabil Halabi). The film was written and directed by Sherine Daibes (2009)

The Ran Quadruplets series, Eli Ran, 2008-2010.

He played the role of (Ardak) in the series Hatsuya Split in 2009 and 2010.

Habibi Rasak Kharban movie, written and directed by Suzan Youssef (2011)

Inheritance (Khalil) is a film directed by Hiam Abbas, written by: Hiam Abbas and Alaa Hlehel. (2012)

Ana Arabia movie, 2013.

Emancipation series Ha-Borer played the role of Imran from 2007-2014.

The Savior Narrator Luke (2014)

Tyrant 2014.

Stuck inside the net Lechudim Betoch HaReshet 2015.

He played the role of the military governor in the film 3000 Nights by Mai Al-Masry (2015)

(The gynecologist) in the movie Holy Air by Shadi Sorour (2017)

The Conductor series, the role of the doctor (2018)

Ride Upon the Storm with Adam Price as Ali (2018)


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