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Ghannam Saber Ghannam

Sector : Media, Directors

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1955
  • Age: 68
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Ghannam Saber Ghannam, known as Ghannam Ghannam, is a Palestinian author, director, and theater actor. He was born in 1955 in Jericho, Palestine. At the age of twelve, he moved with his family to Jordan. He wrote and directed many plays, and wrote short stories. He is award-winning in theater directing and writing. Ghannam is a member of the Jordanian Artists Association, the Jordanian Dramatists Association, and a member of the founding committee of the Arab Theater Authority and the General Union of Arab Writers. He is a member of the jury in several theatrical festivals, such as the Children’s Theater Festival in Jordan, the Baqaa Theater Festival in Sudan, and the Casablanca International University Theater Festival. Ghannam began his theatrical work in the seventies with local theater groups in the theaters of the city of Jaffa in Gaza. Then, after moving to Jordan, he founded with a number of his colleagues the Jerash Amateur Theater Troupe. All of the artist Ghannam Al-Ghannam’s works revolve around the suffering of the Palestinian individual under Israeli occupation or in exile. His last work in 2018 was the play (I Will Die in Exile), which is one of the plays by one actor, which he presented in a number of Arab theatres.

Member of the Jordanian Artists Syndicate, Directing Division.

Member of the Jordanian Short Story Writers Association.

Member of the General Union of Arab Writers - Story and Theatrical Composition.

Founding member of the Arab Theater Authority / Rapporteur of the First Executive Council

Head of the Jordan Office/Arab Theater Authority.

Publication and Media Officer at the Arab Theater Authority in Sharjah - United Arab Emirates since June 2011. Founding member of the Free Theater Troupe and the Theater Without Borders Association - Ramah

Member of the editorial board of Arts Magazine / Ministry of Culture

Literary and artistic publications
Stop for inspection-stories

Who is afraid? -stories

Programming - stories

The Tales of Judge Rayhan - a play 1992

Like You, Abu Zaid and Other Texts, 2003

Manifestations of Diya al-Ruh - a play 2003.

A brief history of Jordanian theater 1918-2006 - from the Ministry of Culture 2008

We love life / the seven mirrors approach. Theater with disabled mine victims

Theater and Heritage - Study 2002

Local theatrical text composed on stage 1918-2000

Censorship and Creativity - Research at the Kuwait Theater Festival 2005

The text in theater between the author and the director - Amman Theater Forum

Al-Sayyab Lives Twice and other texts. Manuscript.

Language levels in theatrical performance - Sharjah Arab Theater Forum 2005

Theater against tyranny - a study of the Kuwait Theater Festival 2007

Theatrical spectatorship and the audience - a specialized symposium in Kuwait 2007

Technology in theatrical performance - research at the Jordan Theater Festival 2007

One of the most important theatrical works
Zarif Al-Tall’s Exile - Actor - Directed by Hani Snobar - 1984. A Face With Millions of Eyes - Actor - Written by Abdel Rahim Omar, directed by Hani Snobar 1984. Samson and Delilah - Actor - Written by Moin Bseiso, Directed by Khaled Al-Tarifi 1985. Popular Kharifa. acting. Written and directed by Khaled Al-Tarifi 1985. Oh God, make it good. Writing and acting. Directed by Gabriel Sheikh. Mawal band. 1986. What's left for you? Prepared and directed. Mawal band. It was banned one day before the opening and the band was dissolved by customary escape in 1987. Aladdin. Actor, directed by Fathi Abdel Rahman 1988. Ya Antar. Representative. Written by Yousry Al-Jundi. Directed by Nabil Negm 1988. Olive Beach, actor, written by Abdel Rahman Arnous, directed by Muhammad Al-Damour 1989. Homeland of the Bird. Representative. Written by Ahmed Khalaf. Directed by Muhammad Al-Damour. 1989. Al-Jarousha - actor, producer and director - 1991 Who is there? - actor, producer and director - 1992 Antar Zamano and Al-Nimr - actor, writer and director - 1993 Al-Zeer Salem - writer and actor - directed by Muhammad Al-Damour Badrana - actor, writer and director - 1995 It’s Like You, Bou Zaid - writer and director -1996 / Seven Jordanian Theater Festival Awards: Five Dolls and a Woman - Author and Director - 1997 Searching for Noufan - Author, Actor and Director - / Three Jordanian Theater Festival Awards 1997 - How Do We Get Our Names Back - Written and Directed. For the child 1997. Abdullah Al-Bari’s pajamas. Written and directed. For Children 1998. The Emperor’s Darkness - Written by. Directed by Firas Al-Masry. 1998 Jordanian Theater Festival Awards. Hayat Hayat - author, actor and director - 1998-2001 It was shown in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco and Egypt. Of Love What Kills - writer and director 1999 / two awards at the Jordanian Theater Festival Transfigurations of Diaa Al-Ruh - author and director - 2000 Marouf Al-Iskafi - author and director - 2001 The Sniffle of Mud - producer and director - 2002 The Last Dreams of Al-Wahrani - author and director 2003 Five Dolls - Monodrama. Author and director 2003 Oh Traveling Alone_writer and director 2005 Amman/and the first Raqqa Theater Festival-Syria, Theater Amateurs Festival/Syria, Al-Qurain Festival/Kuwait 2006 Al-Sayyab Lives Twice/author and director/Qatar Theater Troupe 2006 Saif al-Yasmine al-Dimashqi_writer. Directed by Ali Al-Jarrah. 2004 / Best Arabic Writing Award at the Philadelphia University Theater Festival. Homeland of martyrs. Directed by. Al-Ma’arif Schools 2004. Haboob Al-Nar - author and director / Al-Ma’arif Schools - 2005. Free Spirit - Author. Directed by Hani Al-Jarrah - 2006/Ministry of Education. The Swallow and the Happy Prince / Al Maaref Schools, six awards at the Kingdom level. 2006 “Educate Your Knowledge” - writer and director. 2007 “I Am My Beloved” - monodrama, writer and director. 2007 Yammam Al-Aqsa/ Modern Systems/ Director. Best integrated work, Jerusalem Arab Capital of Culture Competition 2009. Morning and Evening 2009, returning to Haifa/acting and preparing with participation. Director Dr. Yahya Al-Bashtawi: A Faction on the Road to Death / Preparer and Director. 2010 Ghazala Al-Mazyun / Writer and Director. 2010 I Will Die in Exile / Monodrama / Written, directed and performed. 2016, the text of Lilac Duha - Death in the Time of ISIS, won the Creativity Award from the Jordanian Ministry of Culture 2016. This text was translated into Japanese, and presented in a theatrical reading to the public in December 2017, and will be presented in full in Japanese in 2018.

In addition to writing and acting in television dramas and documentaries, the most important of which is: Thirsty, Girls, written by Nader Omran, directed by Suhail Elias. 1987 Darkness on the Other Side, written and directed by Suhail Elias 1990. Harat Al-Zein. Directed by Jalal Tohme. 1991. - Al-Adul series - won the Silver Award at the Tunisia Television Festival 2007, produced by Angad Film - Jordan 2004 - Sohrab series - produced by Hassan Al-Asiri - Saudi Arabia 2005 - Screaming Antique Notebooks series - Jordan 2005, produced by Issam Hijawi. - Movie - Star - executed in Saudi Arabia.

Achievements and Awards

Many awards for writing and directing locally and in the Arab world, the most important of which are: the State Encouragement Award for the best integrated theatrical work in 1995 for the play Al-Zeer Salem. Theatrical Writing Award, Jordanian Theater Festival, 1996, the play As if You are, Bou Zeid. Theatrical Directing Award at the same festival for the same play mentioned above. Theatrical Writing Award at the Jordanian Theater Festival 1998 for the play The Emperor’s Darkness. Theatrical Writing Award at the Philadelphia Arab University Theater Festival for the play Saif Al-Yasmine Al-Dimashqi. The Best Theatrical Work Award - Special Education 2005 - the play Blowing Fire. Best Direction Award - O Traveler Alone - The First Raqqa Theater Festival. Best Scenography Award - O Traveler Alone - The First Raqqa Theater Festival. Award for the best integrated theatrical performance - O Traveler Alone - The First Raqqa Theater Festival 2005 Award for the best theatrical work - Special Education - The Swallow and the Happy Prince / 2006: - The series Al-Adul - won the silver award at the Television Festival in Tunisia 2007 Award for the best theatrical performance / union competition for Al-Quds Week (Yamam Al-Aqsa) 2009 Honor at the Arab Pioneers and Creators Festival / Theater Leadership / Damascus, Capital of Arab Culture / Arab League / 2008 Special Jury Award for Acting in a Monodrama Return to Haifa. Jordanian Theater Festival. 2009. Creativity Award in Theatrical Writing 2016. Ministry of Culture. Jordan. Half of your night sacrificed death in the time of ISIS. Distinguished Arab Artist Award. Sharjah Theater Days Festival 2018, for writing and directing the play Lilac Duha. Palestine Appreciation Award for Arts for the year 2022 for all of his theatrical works


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