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Muna Qattan

Sector : Media, Actors

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  • Country of residence: Egypt
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 0
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Muna Jean Qattan is a Palestinian actress, born in the city of Haifa. She immigrated with her mother, the writer and journalist for Al-Ahram newspaper Jacqueline Khoury, when she was still in her second year following the United Nations decision to partition Palestine. She lived her childhood with her family, and later enrolled in a boarding school in England, then She returned again to Egypt to live with her mother, which helped her meet the poet and cartoonist Salah Jaheen.

Muna married Jaheen in 1967 and they had one daughter (Samia Jaheen), an artist and political activist. Mona Qattan participated in many cinematic and television works, the most famous of which are (Take Care of Zuzu), which was written by Jaheen, (Amira, My Love, Anna) and (Al-Karnak). She also participated in the series (Al-Ayyam) and (Zezinia).

Her works
from the movies
My love princess.
Take care of Zuzu.
From the series
My heart responded.
the days.


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