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Ayman Safiya

Sector : Media, Actors

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Ayman Safiya
On May 28, contemporary choreographer and creative dancer Ayman Safiya passed away, after the sea that had been his refuge swallowed him, just as it swallowed his dreams and creativity this time. His body was buried in Kafr Yassif, after a journey that lasted for days in search of his traces.

Those close to Safiya said that the drowning accident occurred on a “camping” trip at a beach near the city of Haifa, and in the first hours of Safiya’s disappearance, the news was not widespread on social media sites, unlike what happened, when the Israeli occupation authorities announced that the search for him had stopped at midnight to resume the next day, so his friends and relatives circulated the news and called to search for him, circulating the last clip that he posted on his page on the social networking site “Facebook”, of him dancing in a painting that bore the title “Keep Moving”, which is the title they used to raise motivations such as “Keep moving, Ayman. We are waiting for your return.”


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