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Alaa Hassan Al-Rimawi

Sector : Media, Journalists

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Alaa Hassan Al-Rimawi is a Palestinian journalist, writer , and researcher specialized in the affairs of Jerusalem and Israeli settlement, a political analyst, and an expert on Israeli affairs [1] . He worked as director of the office of Al-Quds Satellite Channel before it was closed, and worked as a correspondent for Al-Jazeera Mubasher , director of the “G Media” media website, and a member of the municipal council. Elected in Beit Rima, born in the town of Beit Rima , Ramallah . He is the son-in-law of Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Din Afaneh, and he has three sons who died while in detention under the Israeli occupation.


Correspondent for Anatolia News Agency in the West Bank .
He specializes in the Israeli press, where he writes follow-ups about what is issued in the Israeli press and translates them for a number of local Palestinian media outlets, most notably the Felesteen newspaper , which is published in the Gaza Strip , where he edits the “Israeliyat” page. 

Articles and publications 

He has dozens of articles specialized in Palestinian and Israeli affairs in several news agencies and websites.

In occupation prisons 

He was arrested more than once for several years as a former freed prisoner, and was exposed to difficult health conditions in prison. [3] One of them was when the Israeli occupation forces arrested him at dawn on Thursday 1/6/2011 from his home in the town of Beit Rima, north of Ramallah, a few days after his release from the prisons of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah. [4]
He was also arrested with the announcement of the 2021 Palestinian elections on Wednesday 4/14/2020, and he informed his wife at the time that he had been on a hunger strike since the moment of his arrest. [5] [6]

In the Palestinian Authority prison 

He was arrested by the security services affiliated with the Fatah movement in the West Bank [7] by the Palestinian Preventive Security Service and General Intelligence more than once, and he was subjected to torture there.
The Preventive Security Service arrested Al-Rimawi on October 30, 2010 for more than two months, after he was summoned to meet one of the agency’s officers, after which his family was allowed to visit him once and for a period not exceeding twenty minutes, while no clear charges were brought against him.
After he left, the Israeli occupation forces arrested him.

Then the authorities re-arrested him on October 5 , 2013 [8] where he was detained until 1:30 am before being released the next day, [9] and he was given a new summons to appear the next day on Sunday 10-7-2013, [10] Upon his return, he was arrested and announced that he was on an open hunger strike from the first moment he was summoned, holding the leaders of the intelligence service and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas , as the first responsible for him, fully legally and morally responsible for any harm to him or deterioration in his health.

The Palestinian Intelligence Service in the city of Ramallah had summoned Al-Rimawi three times since the beginning of this week. He was summoned on Saturday and Sunday, June 8 and 9, 2013, and the last summon was on Tuesday, June 11, before it succeeded. The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate to intervene and stop the summons.


The Palestinian Media Forum strongly condemned the storming of the home of journalist Al-Rimawi from his home in Ramallah on Friday evening, October 4, 2013. [12]
Vice President of the Palestinian Journalist Bloc, journalist Wissam Afifa, said that the reality of arrests, imprisonment, and trials had previously been faced by journalists only from the Israeli occupation authority, and here the reality is imposing itself again, but at Palestinian hands and for purely political reasons.
In his interview with “Palestine,” Afifa condemned the continued detention of journalist Al-Rimawi, describing his arrest as unjust behavior and the culmination of “a long series of violations committed by the authority and security services in general against Palestinian journalists.”
The head of the Palestinian Media Association, Saleh Al-Masry, expressed his deep concern about the continued detention of journalist Al-Rimawi, saying, “The security services’ arrest of journalists constitutes a black page in the history of our people and a blow to the forehead of Palestinian media work.”

His arrest and hunger strike 

Al-Rimawi was arrested on July 3 , 2021 , against the backdrop of a complaint filed against him by the Ministry of Endowments , alleging that he preached without an official assignment in a mosque in the Hebron Governorate on the day of Nizar Banat’s funeral . Journalist Alaa Al-Rimawi was transferred to the Public Prosecution after he was accused of violating the duties of the Friday preacher assigned by the Ministry of Endowments in the mosque that witnessed the funeral prayer. He was later transferred to intensive care in a hospital in the city of Hebron after his health condition deteriorated due to his hunger strike , and the Palestinian Public Prosecution released him on July 6 , 2021 .



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