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Ajaj Nuwayhed

Ajaj Nuwayhed

Sector : Media, Directors

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1896
  • Age: 119
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in Ras Al-Matn, Lebanon, in 1896; was educated at the Friends English School (also known as Mr. Oliver’s school) in Ras al-Matn, then at the Protestant School in Brummana and, after it closed following the outbreak of WWI, at the American School in Souk Al-Gharb, from where he graduated in 1916; left Lebanon to Damascus after the WWI and established - with Abdullah Al-Najjar - Al-Qalam magazine; also joined the translation office headed by the historian Sate’ Al-Hussary; moved to Jerusalem in 1920; translated The New World of Islam by Lothrop Stoddard into Arabic (published in Cairo, 1925, and Beirut, 1973); joined the Jerusalem Law School, graduating in 1925; was appointed by HajAmin Al-Husseini as Secretary for the Higher Islamic Council, then as Assistant Inspector of Shari’a Courts from 1922-32; served as Secretary of the Constitution Committee at the General Islamic Conference in 1931; resigned from his work at the Higher Islamic Council to start publishing Al-Arab weekly magazine and publishing house in 1932/33; co-founder of the Al-Istiqlal party in 1932; was arrested by British Mandate authorities following the 1936 Revolt and deported first to Jericho, then to Sarafand near Acre; opened a law firm in Jerusalem and practiced law from 1936-39; worked as Director of the Arabic section at the Palestine Radio from 1940-45; returned to his law firm from 1945-47; was appointed by King Abdullah I as Assistant Director of the Jordanian Royal Court in 1950; served as Director of Jordanian Broadcasting in Ramallah from 1950-1951, then as Director of the Printing and Publications Dept. in 1951; returned to Ras al-Matn, devoting his time to free lance-writing from 1959-82; was elected by consensus a supporter-member of the Iraqi Academic Institute in 1979; authored dozens of articles and essays as well as several books, incl. Abu Ja’far Al-Mansour and the Arabism of Lebanon (Arabic, Beirut, 1962); Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: Text, Symbols, Talmud Origins (Arabic, Beirut, 1967; Amman, 1996); Men from Palestine (Arabic, Beirut, 1981); Sixty Years with the Arab Nationalist Caravan (Biography) (Arabic, Beirut, 1993); In addition to dozens of articles and essays published in Arabic periodicals and newspapers in more than a dozen of Arab and Islamic countries; remembered most as an orator, historian, translator; died in 1982.


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