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Imran Ahmad Abu Hijleh

Imran Ahmad Abu Hijleh

Sector : Media, Editors

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1928
  • Age: 87
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in Deir Istia, near Nablus, in 1928; attended the Ramallah Friends’ School; completed his secondary education at Al-Rashidiyeh College in Jerusalem in 1948; volunteered with the Iraqi Army during the 1948 War, based in ‘Anin village near Jenin; was wounded during the confrontations and resigned in 1949; was appointed English language teacher at Al-Fadiliyyah School in Tulkarem; moved to Saudi Arabia in 1950 and worked as Arabic language teacher for foreign students; returned to Palestine in 1953 and became teacher at Al-Sa’diyyah School in Qalqilya and later at Al-Fadiliyyah School in Tulkarem; after 1957, taught in Syria; moved to Beirut in 1959 and wrote under the pen name of Omar Al-Dirawi; worked as translator for the publications of Dar Al-’Ilm Lil Malayin educational publishing house in Beirut; served as Secretary of Al-’Ulum scientific magazine in 1964-65 and as editor of the English section of Al-Risala magazine in Beirut from 1962-66.


Achievements and Awards

Earned a degree in History and a Diploma in Education from the Beirut Arab College in 1968; studied towards a PhD at the Lebanese University; has authored and translated numerous books, incl. Two Women by Italian writer Alberto Moravia (Beirut 1962).

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