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Ahmad Akkad

Ahmad Akkad

Sector : Media, Journalists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Syria
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1916
  • Age: 97
  • Curriculum vitae :


Born in Jaffa, Palestine in 1916. Educated in Jaffa then he moved to Beirut(Islamic College) He began his career as a teacher in Al ma'aref school. Practiced the profession of journalism in Palestine news paper, Al-defa'a news paper and Jaffa Islamic University newspaper, and was a reporter for a number of Arab newspapers and editors in a number of weekly magazines, including the hammer and the truth image, and the New Testament. English authorities arrested him and put him in prison in Acre Farm in / 1937.

 Escaped from the detectives and English to Beirut in early 1938 where he worked as a teacher there. He returned to Jaffa after the outbreak of World War II and continued his journalism and founded the Office of Press and Publishing in 1940. Published his book, known as (who is) in 1946 and in the same year founded his own magazine (public opinion) and the magazine was the first cartoon in Palestine. Migrated to Jordan after the Nakba, where he continued his magazine (alra'i al'am) Was paralyzed in 1960 and Moved to Damascus, and dwelt Yarmouk refugee camp .he studiously attention to news of Palestine and newspapers issued, and all who chronicled the Arab press, and stood by his wife, Mrs. Refekah his side throughout his life before that is stagnant helped in the collection, documentation writers, the old issues newspapers and magazines.

Achievements and Awards

Printed book the history of journalism Arabian in Palestine twice in Damascus, the first in 1966 and the second in 1967 in Damascus as well and the book is close to two hundred page translated for the flags of Palestinian journalists who work in Palestine and the Arab countries, as it chronicled all the newspapers published there, as well as issued by the Palestinians in Arab countries. He translated many articles for Members of the press such as Mr. Eisa Al Eisa, and Najib Nassar, Fahmi al-Husseini, and Solomon Taji-Farouki, Sheikh Abdullah Kulquili, Paul Shihadeh, and Adel Jaber, Ibrahim Shanti, and Jesus Bandak and Aref, and more than 251 of writers who have worked in the press Died in 1977 and was buried in a cemetery in Damascus

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