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Zaki Zarour

Zaki Zarour

Sector : Media, Journalists

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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Zaki Zaarour, whose father Ali was “the only Palestinian who took photos of the battle over the Old City in 1948.” His photos also show the destruction of the Jewish Quarter from the battle, Jewish and Arab refugees and villages destroyed by the Israelis or, as the narrator states, “Naqba, the Palestinian catastrophe, documented by Ali Zaarour’s camera.” Zaki Zaarour alleges Israeli massacres of civilians, but had earlier said the Jews were massacred in the Old City. He also complains about the security barrier sealing him off from Jerusalem, and the uprooting of his family’s olive trees to make room for it. 

Some of the Zaarour photos were stolen from his family’s house in 1967, and turn up in the Israeli military archive. The narrator states,“When photographs are looted, fiction takes over reality, but they never go away, the ruins or the memories.” Zaki Zaarour is then shown taking his grandchildren to the ruins of the house where his father was born. The photos are subsequently returned to him.


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