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Jordi Castell

Jordi Castell

Sector : Media, Journalists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Chile
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1966
  • Age: 50
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Jordi Castell Abusleme is a Chilean photographer and television presenter.

During his childhood, his father left Jordi and his mother, Mildred Abusleme de la Vega, to move to France. Castell was raised by his mother and her family. He therefore sees his grandfather Salvador Abusleme as his father figure, something he declared after having meeting his father in the 90s. He's of Palestinian descent.
Castell studied at the San Fernando Institute Marist in his hometown. Then he settled in Talca, where he studied in the Liceo Abate Molina, later finishing high school in Curico, at the Lyceum Luis Cruz Martinez. After living a few years in the cities of Talca and Curico, he moved to the capital, where he started his studies in Audiovisual media at UNIACC. In 1994, he graduated with a Master in Escola Catalana Photography, in Barcelona, (Spain).
He has publicly stated that he is homosexual, and is an important figure in Chilean television.
In 2013, he participated in a video for the presidential campaign of Andres Velasco on the "Join Velasco" to YouTube section.
He has worked as a consultant to various image media and businesses. For eleven years he worked as a portraitist in the daily 'Mercury', 'participating in supplements and newspaper sections as' Contact Zone , You , Housing and Decoration ', among others. He was a columnist in magazines' 'Blank' 'and' 'Art on the edge'.
During his career he has set seven individual and collective exhibitions twenty, besides being manager and curator of various photographic projects
Castell has ventured into the world of television. It began as a commentator on shows in the evening program TVN Midnight: Culture and Entertainment ', led by Freddy Stock in 2003 also participated in the program' SQP 'of Chilevisión, where it was a space called "' Portfolio '.'" After working in 'Viva la morning' (Canal 13), Chilevisión again in 2004, where in recent years has led Damn love and star 'Close-Up'. Moreover, in 2007, participated in the first season of 'Wicked dancing' 'Channel 13 where he won second place in the competition. In the second season, he participated as a judge.
In his early television, Jordi Castell was a visionary. He was the first homosexual to show their status and obtain economic returns for his confession. Unlike most gays who populate the small screen, Castell was proud and that distinction led him to have a stable job and very good remuneración.
In 2011 was National and International Jury LII International Song Festival of Viña del Mar.
On 7 October and through an official statement on behalf of TVN, photographer integrates the 1 January 2014 to the public signal to reinforce the panel of celebrity shows and 'Buenos all days ', besides being in other spaces. One attempt is the new striping in the afternoon, + that 2.
Castell also served as academic director of the School of the Art Direction UNIACC.


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