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Ibrahim Khadra

Ibrahim Khadra

Sector : Media, Journalists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: United Kingdom
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1981
  • Age: 40
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Ibrahim Khadra (born 3 May 1981 in the Gaza Strip) is a Palestinian journalist who currently works as a correspondent for beIN Sports in the United Kingdom, covering the latest Premier League news. Prior to joining beIN Media Network; Ibrahim went through a number of experiments with other international channels, especially the BBC.

Ibrahim Khadra was born on the morning of May 3, 1981 in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, and his origins go back to the city of Ashkelon in the northern Gaza Strip, from which his grandparents sought refuge in the Strip after the 1948 war. Ibrahim grew up and grew up in Gaza and witnessed a number of wars launched by the Israeli occupation on the Strip. In spite of that, he completed his primary, secondary, and university studies at Al-Azhar University in Gaza, where he obtained a BA in Computer Science.

Parallel to his studies; Ibrahim was a player with the Gaza Youth Sports Club and graduated with him until he reached the first team before he moved to defend the colors of the Al-Abbas Mosque Club, with which he shone remarkably, but his football career stopped after he left Palestine towards the countries of the European continent to search for better life opportunities.

Ibrahim Khadra started his career early, initially appearing on Palestine TV as a reporter and presenter of various segments in social programs aimed at addressing university youth issues. Later, he obtained a travel visa that enabled him to head to Moscow to work with Russia Today, which had announced its launch a short time ago. Ibrahim succeeded with the Russian channel, as he presented a series of news reports from his idea, in which he talked about the lives of Arabs and Muslims in the Russian Federation. Day after day; Khadra was able to impose himself, which prompted the channel to promote it and make it a major news presenter, in addition to conducting a number of interviews and press dialogues, on top of which was a special meeting with the then Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sana’a. Ibrahim also covered the issue of maritime piracy off the Somali coast, and a series of other reports reflecting Political, cultural and social life in the state of Yemen.

Ibrahim traveled to London at a later time to work with the prestigious BBC network and began his official work there by preparing a report on what was known at the time as the “Gaza Appeal” to collect donations for the benefit of the Palestinian people in the Strip. During his stay in the UK and in conjunction with his work at the BBC; Ibrahim Khadra joined the Faculty of Humanities to specialize more in the political field, and later studied at a special faculty of languages to learn new languages besides Arabic, his mother tongue, English, as well as Russian.

Later Ibrahim joined Al Jazeera Sports Channel with its old name and started his work there as a news and programs editor. He remained with the channel, which later developed itself and changed its name to the beIN Media Network and succeeded in obtaining new contracts for major European leagues, led by the English Premier League, and appointed Ibrahim as a correspondent for the channel there, so that the Palestinian journalist became one of the network's most prominent correspondents in the United Kingdom. Khadra is now covering all the news related to the Premier League, including exclusive and live coverage of matches, especially the big ones, in addition to the rest of the transfer news, contracts and more. Khadra’s work in the channel is not limited to the English Premier League matches, but extends to the rest of the international competitions and competitions, where Ibrahim periodically participates in their coverage, including the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, as well as the 2018 World Cup in Russia and other continental competitions of all kinds.




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