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Waseem Khair

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Waseem Khair is a Palestinian actor and director, born in the village of Al-Baqi`ah in the Upper Galilee. He received theater education at the University of Haifa. Waseem has participated in many artistic works as an actor, author, and director. He also participated in the Arab Theater Festival in Rabat in 2015, where he presented a theatrical workshop entitled "Physical Expression as an Articulate Language for the Actor". In 2015, both artists exhibited artworks and workshops in Beirut and the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon such as Ain El-Hilweh, Sabra and Shatila. The artist, Osama Atwa, was arrested immediately after his return to Palestine. Khairban produced a documentary film about their trip to Lebanon and to the refugee camps in particular. The film is titled “120 Kilometers.” Waseem Khair supervised a short film called “Hope and Return,” a product that a group of young women and men from the displaced village of Al-Bassa worked on as part of the “Adana” project. To imagine a return to the displaced Palestinian villages. The project is implemented and planned by the Arab Youth Association Baladna in Haifa. The film tells the story of Amal from the third Palestinian generation after the displacement. The film tells of her return to her village of Al-Bassa. (2018)

One of the most important plays that define Khair’s artistic career is a play in the shadow of the martyr, written and directed by Francois Abu Salem and Paula Fonvic, represented by Wassim Khair, lighting design: Philip Andreu, translated by Amer Khalil, Ehab Abu Muammar.

Pomegranate Hill

Diwan to the illusion of the station

romeo and juliet final scene

I'm dead I'll die if I die

nice light

who is the king

Al Maghout

Amin karate

For the musical “Sfartas” the work texts: Hanin Jumaa, Shadi Abu Jabal, Waseem Khair, prepared and directed by: Wassim Khair, composed by: Ruqayya Abed, lighting design: Nizar Khumra. Offered work in several countries, including Tunisia and Australia.

“Professor Youssef”: Written by Wassim Khair, Director: Mahmoud Murra, Acting: Nihad Reda, Production: The Citadel Center for Arts and Theater in Nazareth. Within the Masrahid Festival in the city of Gakka. (2018)

The play "The Slaughterhouse" was shown for the first time at the Acre Festival. Written and directed by: Wassim Khair, starring Zamzam Ismail, Omaiya Sarhan, Diaa Maghribi, Marwan Murra, and Khaled Mayer. (2019)

"Maryam" 2019

Milky way


black sky

"120 Kilometers" (conservative film)



Достижения и награды

Khair won the Best Actor Award at the Mashrahid Festival 2012 for his play "In the Shadow of the Martyr".

Khair won the Best Directing Award at the Masharid Festival 2019 for the play “Maryam” produced by the Citadel Center for Arts and Theater in Nazareth.



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