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Henriette Siksek

Henriette Siksek

Sector : Media, Reporters

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1918
  • Age: 104
  • Curriculum vitae :


Henriette Siksek Farrag (1918 - March 19, 2014), a Palestinian radio pioneer, worked on Radio Jerusalem from the 1930s to 1967, where she presented children's programs and was known as "Miss Souad", and on Radio Lebanon and the Near East.

She was born in Jerusalem in 1918, and her father, George Siksik, was an inspector and teacher in the Arab Orthodox schools in Palestine and Transjordan, and her mother, Catherine, was a founder and secretary in several charities, including the Orthodox Charitable Hospital, the shelter for the sick and disabled, a nursery for children, a maternity hospital, and a children’s home paralyzed

She received her primary education at the Al Aswaj School in Jerusalem, and her secondary education at the Friends Girls School in Ramallah, and she obtained her university degree in education from the Lebanese English Girls College. She worked in the field of education and taught at the Alawi School and the Mamounia School in Jerusalem, and then at the American School for Girls in Beirut.

I worked in the Ministry of Education in Amman for three years, then moved to work in the Ministry of Education in Libya for two and a half years. I also supervised children's publications and stories in the Al-Mishaal library for three and a half years.

In 1939, she joined Al Quds Radio, where she prepared children’s programmes, where she presented plays, educational talks, patriotic songs, songs dealing with daily family and school life, and about pets. She trained children of both sexes to work in radio programs, where their number ranged between 8 and 15. Henriette Siksek was known as "Miss Souad", which was given to her by the poet Ibrahim Toukan, who headed the Arabic section of the radio before being dismissed by the British Mandate authorities on charges of incitement in 1940. Siksek was present at the radio headquarters with a group of children when the bombing occurred, which was carried out by a terrorist group. Zionism at Radio Headquarters in 1939. She also worked on Radio Lebanon and Radio Near East. Later she took over the management of the Orthodox Charitable Refuge, and continued to work in it until her death in 2014.

She has published a number of children's short stories and many short stories and articles in the International Red Cross magazine, Al-Nashra, Al-Bustan, Al-Quds, and others.

its business
A collection of short stories for children: Sami's camel - Samir's prayer - the beautiful deer.
“My Book” series of reading books, consisting of four books from the first to fourth grades, with a teacher’s guide and a student appendix, Ministry of Education in Jordan.
"The Five Asayel", published in English, 1961 AD.
"Ya Hazarkm", a collection of Libyan folk stories.
«The Five Asayel», translation, Tamer Institute for Community Education, 2003 AD, ISBN 9950326001.
She died in Jerusalem on March 19, 2104, and was buried in the family cemetery in the family cemetery in the Orthodox cemetery on Mount Zion.


Achievements and Awards

Honoring the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Salam Fayyad, at the screening of the movie “Here is Jerusalem” in Ramallah in 2011. The film documents the experience of Radio Al Quds and includes an interview with Henriette Siksek.

Honoring in the presence of Archbishop Atallah Hanna on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of the Orthodox Charitable Refuge Association in Jerusalem, 2012 AD.



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