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Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Bajirmi

Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Bajirmi

Sector : Media, Journalists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Syria
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1938
  • Age: 84
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Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Bajirmi (January 12, 1938 - December 27, 2013) was a Palestinian journalist who lived in Damascus. He holds a PhD in English literature.


his scientific life

Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Bajirmi studied at the College of Arts at the University of Baghdad, and obtained a BA with honors in English literature in 1960, then completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Sheffield in England, where he obtained a master’s degree in African literature in 1974, then a doctorate in English literature 1980.


working life

Dr. Al-Bajirmi worked as a translator and English language teacher, but what made him famous in both Syria and Iraq was his appearance on television. In 1969, he played the role of Al-Jahiz in a 30-episode television series entitled Al-Bakhla.


From 1962 to 1964, he was a presenter of a 10-minute daily program entitled "Windfath Ala Alam" on Baghdad TV. He also taught English in Baghdad at that time.


From 1966 to 1971, he presented on Syrian Arab TV a 20-minute weekly program entitled “Antics from the World.” Then, he resumed presenting this 25-minute program in 1980, and it is still broadcast at five in the evening every Thursday until now. The program “Tareef Min Al Alam” is one of the programs known to most Syrians, and it is indeed one of the symbols of Syrian television, which has been written by viewers for a long period of more than 25 years.


In 1995, 1996 and 1997, he played the role of Ibn Abd Rabbo al-Andalusi in three series, each of 30 episodes taken from The Unique Contract.


Al-Bajirmi taught English literature in the Department of English at the University of Damascus, and had taught English at the Higher Industrial Institute in Damascus. From 1980 until retirement in 2000, he taught poetry, literary criticism, translation, comparative literature, and American literature at the University of Damascus and the rest of the universities in the Syrian Arab world. He also supervised two master's thesis, and discussed four theses in English literature.


Al-Bajirmi has translated more than 13 books into Arabic from English. He also worked as a translator and editor-in-chief of news at the General Authority for Radio and Television in Damascus in the sixties of the last century.


Although Dr. Muhammad Al-Bajirmi retired in the year 2000, he was translating some works into Arabic, and he passed away on Friday 27/12/2013.


his memory

The Jordanian company, JoGeeks, has announced a project that supports Arabic content on the Internet, and this project includes a website, a mobile application, and a page on the social media site Facebook, all bearing the first word “imagine” from the famous sentence that Professor Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Bajirmi used to say, which stuck in the minds of millions of Arabs “Imagine, O God’s Patrons,” as a memory of Professor Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Bajirmi and his works.




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