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Mazen Dana

Mazen Dana

Sector : Media, Journalists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Iraq
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1962
  • Age: 55
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Mazen Dana "1962—17 August 2003" was a Palestinian journalist who worked as a Reuters cameraman. He spent a decade covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Hebron in the West Bank, for which he was awarded the 2001 International Press Freedom Award of the Committee to Protect Journalists. He was shot and killed by US soldiers in Baghdad, Iraq on 17 August 2003.

Dana worked for Reuters for over ten years, mostly in his home town of Hebron in the West Bank. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Dana was wounded several times in the course of his journalism. In May 2000, he was struck in the leg by an Israeli rubber bullet while filming Palestinian rock throwers. In July of that year, he was beaten into unconsciousness by Jewish settlers that he was attempting to film and had his head slammed in an ambulance door by an Israeli policeman. In October of that year, he was shot again in the leg.

By March 2003, Reuters had assigned Dana away from Hebron for his own safety. He told a reporter for PBS's Frontline, "My family is happy about this, but really, I'm not happy, because I like camera, and I like it here. When I want to leave camera, I want to leave it by myself, not be forced to leave it."

In 2001, Dana was the recipient of a CPJ International Press Freedom Award. The citation praised him for "covering one of the most dangerous beats in the world, the West Bank city of Hebron, where journalists are routinely targets of violence." In accepting the award, Dana said, "Words and images are a public trust. For this reason I will continue with my work regardless of the hardships, even if it costs me my life."


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