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Bader Lama

Bader Lama

Sector : Media, Actors

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: United States
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1907
  • Age: 115
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Badr Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Ama (Lama) (April 23, 1907 - October 1, 1947), Palestinian film actor. At the beginning of his life, he immigrated to Chile in South America, then he came with his brother Ibrahim Lama to Egypt to work in Egyptian cinema. Badr and Ibrahim were the first to bring cinema equipment and equipment to the Arab world to the city of Haifa, but because of Ibrahim's illness on the way, they headed to Alexandria, where he and his brother formed a couple. Successful and worked together in writing, acting and directing, then together they founded a film production company called Condor Film.


After finishing the movie (The Beautiful Bedouin) in 1947, Badr Lama suffered a heart attack and died on October 1, 1947. The people of Bethlehem held a memorial party to commemorate his memory.


After Badr's death, Ibrahim chose his son Samir Abdullah to replace his brother. Samir co-starred in the movie (The Missing Link) with the rising young actress Faten Hamama in 1948, and actress Afaf Shaker also participated in the movie (The Safety Railway) in 1949, and the artist Shadia in the movie (A Storm in the Spring) in 1951 and actor Bishara Wakim in the movie (The Treasure of Happiness), actress Magda and actor Mahmoud El Meligy in the movie (The Caravan Goes). Suddenly the fire broke out and consumed all the contents of Lama's studios, including film tapes, and catastrophes followed, and the quarrel broke out between Ibrahim and his wife, which ended with Ibrahim's death on the night of May 12, 1953. Taxes piled up on the studios and in the end "their doors were sealed with red wax" and the family collapsed, while Josephine Sarkis Badriya Raafat, Badr's widow, played only one starring role in the movie (The Last Encounter) in 1953 with Imad Hamdi, Mohsen Sarhan and Zahra Al-Ala, after which she retired from film work, dedicating her life to her daughters and grandchildren. As for Samir Abdullah Ibrahim Lama, despite his repeated attempts in cinematic work, including his short experience in Lebanon in the sixties and the films (Valley of Death), (Saqr Al-Arab) and (Al-Qaheroon), he was not lucky, so he retired from film work for good.


One of his most important films

1927 A Kiss in the Desert

1928 A tragedy above the pyramid

1931 The miracle of love

1934 ghost of the past

1935 Maarouf Bedouin

1936 the fugitive

1937 Ezz Al Talib

1938 Confused Souls

1939 The Lost Treasure - Qais and Laila

1940 A man between two women - A cry in the night

1941 Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi

1942 Son of the Desert

1943 Cleopatra - Call of Blood - Winner

1944 Groom of our God - Alone

1945 fake house

1947 Bedouin beauty




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