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Basem Nejm

Basem Nejm

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Basem Khalil Ibrahim Najm (December 27, 1927 - March 18, 1983) was a Palestinian Lutheran theologian and pastor. He was born and raised in the Palestinian city of Tulkarm. He is considered one of the leaders of the Lutheran Church. In 1959 he contributed to making the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land an independent religious denomination. He also contributed In 1979 he Arabized the church, and before that in 1965 he was president of the synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. He is the founder of the Evangelical Lutheran Hope Church, and the first president and pastor of the church from 1956 until his death in 1983, when he was succeeded by Munib Younan.

his biography
He was born in the name of Khalil Ibrahim Najm in the Palestinian city of Tulkarem on December 27, 1927 to a Palestinian Christian family. He received his education in the schools of his city, Tulkarem, and studied Christian theology at the Lutheran College of Theology in Chicago in the United States of America. He graduated from the college in 1954, then served for a year in the Lutheran Church in Germany, and he was ordained a priest in Berlin in 1955, and from there he returned to his country, Palestine.

Since 1956, he has taken care of the Evangelical Lutheran community in the Ramallah region, and in 1959 he contributed to making the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land an independent religious community. Approval of this was issued by Jordanian King Hussein bin Talal in May 1959, at a time when the West Bank was Follow the Jordanian administration.

In 1961, he founded the Lutheran Evangelical Hope Church. The foundation stone was laid on November 12, 1961, accompanied by the Bishop of Berlin, Kurt Scharf, in an official ceremony attended by guests from the United States of America, Finland and Norway. The church was inaugurated on April 28, 1963 in an official ceremony attended by the heads of Christian denominations in the region. In 1965, he established the Al-Raja' Evangelical Lutheran School in Ramallah. Bassem Negm was the first president and pastor of Al-Raja'a Evangelical Lutheran Church, and after his death in 1983, he was succeeded in the presidency of the church by Munib Younan.

On February 6, 1965, Basem Najm was elected President of the Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Holy Land and Jordan, succeeding Dawad Haddad. In 1979, he contributed to the Arabization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, thus installing the first Palestinian Arab bishop in the history of the Church and the Middle East.

Bassem Negm had attended the Lutheran General Conference in October 1965 in Addis Ababa, and participated in the discussions of evangelical unity in Jerusalem and Beirut. He also participated in several ecumenical discussions, and represented the Church on several occasions in Germany, Sweden, Finland and Tanzania. The United States of America, Austria and Switzerland. He was also responsible for cultural exchange programs and labor camps in the Lutheran World Federation, and a member of the Church Aid Committee in Jerusalem and Cyprus.

his personal life
His brother is the Palestinian geographer Bashir Najm, born in Tulkarm on September 13, 1936.

His death and eulogy
Bassem Negm died on March 18, 1983 at the age of 55. On April 15, 1983, an official memorial field was held for him in the Evangelical Lutheran Raja Church, which was attended by a number of personalities, politicians, and clergy.

They said about him
They said about Bassem Najm:

Palestinian politician Karim Khalaf: "Your separation is dear to everyone, and your loss is a tragedy and a great loss, and for us in the glorious deeds that you left behind, what eases the pain of separation. .. You are one of the flags of our dear homeland, Palestine.”
Palestinian lawyer and political activist Fouad Shehadeh: "The life of our great deceased was like a bright meteor that lit up the sky of the Church and the homeland... I have no doubt at all that his church has cherished him as a faithful shepherd, courageous leader, and creative thinker... His loss is a great loss, not even a calamity."
Archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Naim Nassar: "If we look back at the years that passed into the life of our dear deceased, we find that despite its shortness, it was a life full of tests and blessings, a life full of valuable lessons, all testifying to his sincerity and devotion to his redeemer and savior."
A book about it
On June 9, 2017, Mitri Al Raheb, pastor of the Nativity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, announced the publication of a book about Bassem Najm's life.


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