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Noha Afouneh

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Dr.. Noha Afouneh - Al-Aydi

April was called by the Romans in relation to a goddess called (April), who is responsible for opening flowers and opening the sky to illuminate the sun. . But the Palestinian April is the month of sorrows and tragedies and memories of the specter of death and destruction in the places of the Palestinian man and throughout his times. Until it became known to everyone as the month of massacres, martyrs and prisoners.

In the year of the Nakba, the Al-Lajjun massacre occurred on the third of April, followed by the massacre of Deir Yassin on the ninth day, and on the twelfth day the Qalunya massacre, and on the fourteenth, nineteenth and twenty-second days, respectively, of the massacres of Nasser al-Din, Tiberias and Haifa. The oppression did not stop at the year of the Nakba, in 1956 On the fourth and fifth of April, the second Gaza massacre occurred, and on the eighth of April 1970 was the Bahr al-Baqar massacre, and death continues with its mouth open and its claws stuck in the Palestinian body with the passage of time. the act of dying themselves; The tortured Palestinians in the land, and we cannot forget the first of April 2002, the massacre of the Jenin camp, followed a year later by the painful memory of every Palestinian as well as the fall of the capital, Baghdad in 2003, and on the same day of the Deir Yassin massacre, and the history of the setbacks will not be merciful to us. In the thirteenth century AD and in April specifically fell Some of the kingdoms of Andalusia, such as Castile and Cordoba. What's wrong with you, Nissan!! .

On separate days and over successive years in the Palestinian month of April, convoys of righteous martyrs rose in the skies of resistance and struggle, and with their death, rather, their martyrdom, they dominated the pages of glory in the life and struggle of the Palestinian people. I remember here some of them, for example, but not limited to: Abdul Qader Al-Husseini, Al Kamalan (Kamal Nasser and Kamal Adwan), Abu Yusuf Al-Najjar, Awal Al-Rasas Al-Hajar Al-Hajar Khalil Al-Wazir, Abdul Aziz Al-Rantisi, and Abu Jandal (Youssef Rayhan), the hero of the battle of Jenin camp... and the list goes on and on with the departure of Founding leaders who contributed to the revolutionary and struggle act, they moved to the supreme comrade in the month of April, including: Othman Abu Gharbia, Rabiha Diab and other fighters from the patient Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Day falls on the seventeenth of April. Every year, we stand for a rhetorical pause, with hoarse voices, wishing them freedom, especially the old prisoners, children and women.

Prisoner’s Day comes this year and we are all prisoners in our homes, but prisoners of five stars, perhaps after “Stay Home” we will feel the need to show solidarity with the families of the prisoners in the vigils and demand the launch of an international campaign for their release

About them, as the participants in the past were modest and sometimes the number of solidarity activists present in the sit-in tents with the families of the prisoners did not exceed two fingers.

Since we are governed by hope, we are certain that the spring that blooms in the plains and mountains of Palestine with its bright colors and the pure anemone in its redness, was irrigated with the blood of the righteous martyrs, and opened and brought life to life in April. Their livers are behind bars. We will challenge you, O painful April, and paint the Palestinian struggle, because we know that the fourth month of the Hijri year is Rabi’ al-Thani, so we will adopt it for another life for the Palestinian people that stems from death and grief. Rather, we will transcend your cruelty, O Nissan, the Gregorian months, and adopt Nissan in the Syriac language, which is arranged in the seventh month, and the number seven is the sign of victory in our struggle lexicon. We believe that the Palestinian April, in which death abounded, has another face that we must turn into a symbol of life. We remember the birth of the icon of resistance literature, Ghassan Kanafani, in it.

Our wishes for a speedy release for the prisoners of freedom to breathe the spring of the homeland, and our prayers for mercy and forgiveness for those who are more generous than all of us. And here we remain perennial as olive trees rooted in the ground and mellow green in all months.

Palestinian university professor and critic

Secretary of the Administrative Council of the General Union of Palestinian Writers and Writers




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