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Yasmeen Al-Tarshawy

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1981
  • Age: 42
  • Curriculum vitae :


Yasmine Hussein Al-Tarshawy was born in the city of Rafah in 1981. Her brilliance appeared from an early age, so she distinguished herself from her peers during her academic stages and culminated in high school, where she achieved first place in the southern governorates with a rate of (96.0%) in the scientific stream. She joined a scholarship to study computer engineering and graduated with an average of ( 86.5% from the first batch, and she was able to obtain the first job opportunity before completing her university studies as a project coordinator.

She got married before completing her university studies, and joined Al-Quds Open University to obtain a diploma in educational qualification, so she excelled and excelled, and got an average of (87%). To teach technology, Yasmine was among them, and since she started her work in education, she excelled in working as a technology teacher, and developed new methods for teaching students, until she became the deputy principal of a general school (2008) at the age of (27) years.

Her achievements:

Al-Tarshawy achieved many achievements during her work as a deputy principal of a school, as she implemented our interactive lab initiative, through which she was able to introduce augmented reality technology to the Gaza Strip, and her initiative ranked first at the level of the West Gaza Directorate in 2017. She also won at the level of the West Gaza Directorate, then the agricultural greenhouse, which was nominated to participate in the Science and Technology Exhibition in the West Bank, and she supervised the design of a line-following robot that won at the level of the Ministry of Education in the robot design competition.

Al-Tarshawy worked as an augmented reality and virtual laboratories trainer, then became a school principal in 2017. It was her real breakthrough, as she learned that the school is not only a place to receive education, but also to provide students with life skills, values and morals.

It did not deal with a specific category of students, as each student has the ability to achieve and distinguish in one of the fields of life and science, and tried hard to change the school environment to become attractive to students and comfortable for the soul.

Within her initiative, My School is My Second Home initiative, and the idea of growing you at home, which was a companion of her school students during the Corona pandemic, and won in the first category in the President’s Competition for Excellence and Creativity.

Al-Tarshawy trained her students through the Zoom program for virtual meetings on many manual and computer skills such as: (embroidery, mushroom cultivation, soap making, pastries, game design, website design, and mobile applications), as the students trained meticulously, which made many students master these skills And to have their own products and market them through social networking pages such as Facebook and others.

Its initiative, Be Classy in the Time of Corona, aims to raise health awareness inside and outside the school to mitigate the effects of the Corona pandemic.

Its digital security initiative, which contributed to training teachers from inside and outside Palestine on applications and programs used in distance learning, and also contributed to training them on how to manage and develop virtual classrooms.

Al-Tarshawi also implemented many study days such as synchronous learning - simulation in virtual classrooms, and participated in a research in the study day of the Al-Sharq Directorate entitled Distance Learning: Prospects and Challenges, and worked as a trainer for virtual classes and a trainer for creative thinking skills.

Participation in scientific research:

- The effect of using augmented reality technology on the achievement of tenth grade students in physics.

The impact of technology on female students' attitudes towards mathematics for the tenth grade.

And generalizing the impact of the five-year learning strategy in increasing the creative thinking skills of basic stage students in distance learning.

Participation in committees:

1. Technology Teachers Interview Committee.

2. Technology Experts Committee.

3. An educational forum for change.

4. Eastern Creativity Committee.

5. Scientific committee for the academic day.

6. Idea Bank Design Committee (2020)

Her journal writing:

Educational initiatives are our promising path.

- How to increase the number of students participating in virtual classes.

The role of the mother in distance learning and the most important problems facing working mothers during this period.

Al-Tarshawy continues to give and work out of her belief in the need for change in the educational field to graduate a generation capable of keeping pace with life's changes and able to confront them armed with knowledge, skill and morals.


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