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Abeer Hamed

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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After a journey that lasted about ten years for the "Learning Through Art" initiative, which has become a global initiative, its owner, teacher Dr. Abeer Hamid to be among the best teachers in the world, by the organization (AKS education), which is an acronym for ALERT KNOWLEDGE SERVICES in India.
One hundred and ten countries around the world participated in the competition, which started in India and became a global competition. It was held in the Indian capital, New Delhi, and the best teachers around the world - including Hamid - were selected according to criteria set by the Foundation, the most prominent of which is the teacher's achievement file.
AKS education, based in New Delhi, is concerned with honoring teachers who have clear fingerprints, their specialized leadership, and their participation in society in bringing about fundamental changes in educational systems around the world, and their possibility of obtaining more assistance for the healthy development aspects of educational programs.
Hamed thanked everyone who supported her during her journey to reach the world, and dedicated her success to the homeland, Palestine, and to the prisoners.
Hamed won this entitlement in the Aks Education International Teacher Competition, through her learning through art initiative, which launched from the homeland to the world. It is a social, cultural, national, historical, humanitarian and educational initiative, the result of the effort of a series of events, projects and activities. She qualified in eight competitions, four of which were local. and four international. She entered her tenth year.
What distinguishes the “Learning Through Art” initiative by Abeer Hamid, which took on a global character, is that it combined and combined different learning strategies in one initiative. Education such as drama, music, puppet theatre, wooden artistic means, singing and school radio, including radio spots on the history of the Palestinian cause, which were broadcast on most of the country's stations and are always used in school radio on various occasions.
Among the learning strategies devised by Abeer Hamed is the use of an attractive classroom environment, attention to the place to be reflected in the student's love for the school and the teacher, and to increase the student's information achievement, assimilation and integration of people with special needs, and those with learning abilities, which is a methodology that I followed in learning more than one initiative.
Hamed was chosen to be an ambassador for international conferences, and she received a number of offers and invitations from local, Arab and international institutions to promote her initiative outside Palestine.
Hamed was chosen among the top ten models of Palestinian women's creativity, and among famous personalities in Palestine. She was also chosen among the Palestinian pioneers at the Columbus Meeting in the United States of America.
It is mentioned that dr. Abeer Hamed, a graduate of Birzeit University with a BA and MA in history, and holds 14 academic degrees in other fields. She also obtained a PhD from Al-Hayat Al-Jadida University in Washington. She ranked second in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate in terms of employment, and she is from the town of Silwad.
And I got 4,000 local and international media coverage, and 400 videos and support books from local and international institutions.
The methodology obtained an academic Ph.D. from Washington, several international and local honors, coverage from local and international media, and invitations from Arab and international countries. Schools in the homeland to settle in the Silwad Basic High School for Girls. She also obtained membership in the International Universities Association and a candidate for a leading imprint for the year 2020 on the Arab Business Development Council, and within creative initiatives in the world for the year 2019.
She was a member of the International Parliament of Human Development Scholars. She is an ambassador for international conferences, and the official broadcaster of the University of New Life in Washington and the International Parliament of Human Development Scholars in Sweden. The initiative obtained an international license and practice. It was honored in the Arab capitals Dubai and Cairo for the second time. She is the only female teacher on Palestine who holds eight international positions. Blessed are every hand that advances for the sake of Palestine. Long live the Palestinian teacher and his creativity.


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