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Muhammad Habib

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Muhammad al-Sayyid Habib was the first deputy of the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, and he is a university professor in the Faculty of Science, Department of Geology, Assiut University. He is married and has six children. He separated from the group after the January 25 revolution to form the Ennahda Party

He said about the ninth military court of the Muslim Brotherhood
“The rulings of the military court against 40 leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are unjust, unjust, and extremely strange by all standards. They are political rulings in the first place, issued by an exceptional military court that is not competent, and it has been proven through the course of the case that they are incoherent and fragile and have no legal basis. ; As the ordinary judiciary acquitted its owners
These rulings express the extent of cruelty and violence with which the repressive authority deals with the Muslim Brotherhood. With a peaceful and moderate approach, and as a reaction to the Brotherhood’s success in the legislative elections in 2005 AD, in which they won 88 seats, there is no doubt that the aim of these rulings is not only the Muslim Brotherhood in terms of curtailing and restricting it and marginalizing its role in Egyptian political life, but also Egyptian People; with the intent of intimidating and terrorizing him
There is no doubt that this ruling will increase the tension and boiling in society. As a result of the political, economic and social crises that the authority caused and failed to deal with
As for the ruling to confiscate money and shares of some businessmen’s property, it is a grave injustice, and there is no doubt that it seriously harms the Egyptian economy and distorts Egypt’s face before the world.” (From the Permissible Opposition Report)


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