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Muhammad Muammar

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The Palestinian teacher, Muhammad Muammar, from Gaza City - Khan Yunis, issued the first smart electronic application that allows books to be borrowed as an alternative to the traditional method used in libraries.

  Muhammad Muammar, the 36-year-old who works as the librarian of Ammar bin Yasser Basic School, created an application to save time and effort and save books from being lost.

The application relies on the scanner available in all smartphones and the QR Code attached to the books.

The innovative application has smart features, as it allows each person to borrow books and enables him to know the number of borrowing days

In addition to filling in the boxes that appear on the smart application screen.

The application includes an icon consisting of a serial number, the name of the book, the name of the author, his classification, and the publishing house.

Mr. Muammar points out that this innovation provides a qualitative addition that office secretaries depend on, and it will save effort and time for readers and arrivals inside the library, and facilitate the loan process to save the data related to them in their own icon within the application.

  Mr. Muammar said that the application is characterized by ease of use, as the reader only has to open the scanner on his phone and place it on the (QR Code) attached to the book, and the details of the book will appear to him, in addition to two fields, one for requesting and the other for retrieval.

He stressed that the application will be trained librarians to use it to benefit from it.

And that he will implement a set of ideas that help develop the application to gain wide fame in the field of electronic technology.


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