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Gabriel Katul

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1895
  • Age: 128
  • Curriculum vitae :


Gabriel Katul ( 1895 AD - 1975 AD, born in Shuwer, Lebanon ) is a Palestinian teacher and educator, and is considered one of the prominent educators. He worked in many educational positions throughout the British Mandate period in Palestine .

Teaching career
Gabriel completed his primary and secondary studies in his village in which he was born, and in 1911 AD he joined the American University in Beirut , from which he graduated in 1915 AD with a BA in mathematics and science.

His positions

In the year 1915 AD he was appointed as a professor in the secondary department of the American University in Beirut until the year 1920 AD , and in the fall of 1920 AD he was appointed as a professor in the Teachers’ House in the Ministry of Education in Iraq , then he moved to the position of inspector in the ministry, [2] and in the year 1922 AD he went to Palestine, and they appointed him as a professor in The Teachers’ House in the Department of General Knowledge in Jerusalem , and he was also appointed as an inspector there, then became the chief inspector, [3] and then in the year 1937 AD he became an assistant to the Director of Education until the year 1948 AD , [1] in the year 1948 AD in the Palestinian catastrophe he sought refuge in BeirutHe was appointed as a professor of education at the American University, and retired in 1966 AD .

His knowledge management reforms

He participated in the organization of the General Knowledge House in Palestine , and he also stipulated a system for appointing teachers and raising their grades according to their competence and dedication to their work . All regions, and one of the results of his work is the increase in the number of students in schools. [5]



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