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Abdel Nasser Zaid

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
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Abdel Naser Zaid is a Full Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology. He served as the director of the department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, An-Najah National University, for seven years, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology. He spent four years at the University of Al-Quds, as instructor from 1998-2002 and was the supervisor of the Pharmaceutical formulation team at Pharmacare Ltd - Palestine. A native of Palestine, Abdel Naser Zaid attended the department of pharmaceutical sciences at Ferrara University where he received his BA and Ph.D. With a specialization in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and technology from 1988-1998. He then returned to Palestine in 1998 as Assistant Professor of pharmaceutical chemistry and technology at the Department of Applied Chemistry, College of Sciences, Al-Quds University. Abdel Naser Zaid has published more than seventy scientific articles in his field. Currently we collaborate with the group of professor Baraldi (Ferrara University, Italy) on the design, synthesis and development of novel drugs in the field of Cancer, Adenosine receptor (antagonists & agonists) and Neuropathic pain. Also he collaborates with professor Cortesi (Ferrara University, Italy) on the liposome and ethosomes. He also collaborates with Dr. Baldelli Francesca (UEA, UK) on the synthesis and biological evaluation of gold-drug loaded nanoparticles. He is also collaborating with Professor Alaa Alkelany, faculty of pharmacy, the Jordan University, Amman.

At his department, he has research collaboration with most of his colleagues.

Research interests:

Formulation and evaluation of the stability of semisolid dosage forms..
Formulation and evaluation of the stability of solid dosage forms.
Formulation and stability evaluation of liquid dosage forms.
Cosmetic formulations.
Formulation and evaluation of the stability of liposomes.
Formulation of Gold-Drug loaded nanoparticles.
Pharmaceutical analysis and validation.
Drug Design and Medicinal chemistry.


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