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Ameema Qaraqara

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
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Ameema Qaraqara is an experienced research and teaching assistant with four years of experience in teaching English language skills at the Language Center of the University of Jerusalem. She is passionate about sharing the English language with her students and sharing the story of language as a whole. She works with her students to identify their individual needs, strengths, and areas of interest, all of which are based on the primary goal of language: the ability to express oneself effectively and communicate with others.

Ameema's master's research from Al-Quds University focused on the impact of using peer feedback strategies on students' writing. The results indicated that students viewed peer feedback as an interesting experience, providing an opportunity for social interaction. It also led to an improvement in students' writing skills. Her interests also revolve around developing writing and communication skills among students.



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