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Abdul Raouf Zuhdi Hussein Mustafa Alma’ali

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1951
  • Age: 72
  • Curriculum vitae :



Academic Qualifications and Ranks


Academic Qualifications:

  • PHD in Arabic Language (Literature and Criticism), University of Sindh / Pakistan, 12/6/1991.
  • Master in Arabic language (literature and Criticism) University of Punjab / Pakistan 1986.
  • BA in Arabic Language and Literature, University of Damascus/Syria/1974.

    Academic ranks:

  • Professor, Middle East University (2009-2016)
  • Associate Professor, Al-Isra Private University (29/7/2002)
  • Assistant Professor, Islamic University of Science and
  • Technology, June 20, 1991

Published Researches 

1. 2006 Construction of poemsof the Poetsof Ben Bassam’s Book Althakheerat, single- authored, Journal of the Faculty of Arts, IssueNo. 25, University of Garyounis, Libya.

2. 2006 Technical Image of Women in the Koran,single- authored, Journalof the Facultyof Arts, IssueNo. 27, University of Garyounis, Libya.

3. 2006 Strategic Visions for The Development of the Plans of The Departments of Arabic Language and LaborMarket, single-authored, Journal of Research, Issue No. 10, Bahaauddin Zakaria University, Multan, Pakistan

4. 2007 Arab Critics’ Reception of Psychological Methodology (co-authored), Journal of Research, Issue No. 11, Bahaauddin Zakaria University, Multan, Pakistan

5. 2007 Construction of the Poem With Ibn al-Roumi (co-authored), Journal of Human Sciences, Issue No. 35, the Netherlands

6. 2007 The Indication of Colorsin the Versesof the Qur'an,co-authored, Journal of Human Sciences, Issue No. 13, University of Mohammed Khayder Biskra, Algeria

7. 2007 Postgraduate Education Between Pain And Hope, single-authored, Journal of the Yearbook of Literature, Issue No. 4, University of Aden, Yemen

8. 2008 lexical Issues in Bin al-Roumi’s Poetry, co-authored, Journalof the Jordanian Arabic Language Academy, Issue No. 75, Amman, Jordan

9. 2008 Controversial Question of Plagiarism In Poetry Between Theory and Practice, Single-authored, Journalof the Faculty of Arts, IssueNo. 24, HelwanUniversity, Egypt

10. 2008 Phono-Syntactic Theoretical Analysis of Jussive Structures in Arabic, Co- authored, Journalof the ArabSection, Islamic Research Academy, Issue No. 313 Multan, Pakistan

11. 2008 Images of Private Lender and Their Indications In the Religious Discourse, Co- authored, Al-Adwa’ Magazine, Volume 2, Issue29, Sheikh ZayedCenter, Punjab

12. 2008 Al-Maydany and His Book “Collection of Proverbs” (A Critical Analytical Study), Co-authored, Journal of Contemporary Psychology and Human Sciences, January Issue No. 19, Minia University, Egypt

13. 2008 The Relationship betweenProsodic Writing and the Rulesof Tajweed(Recital of the Koran), Co-authored, Journal of Contemporary Psychology and Human Sciences, July Issue No. 19, Minia University, Egypt

14. 2009 Grammarians’’ Reception of the Poetry of Farazdeq, Co-authored, the Jordanian Journal of Arabic Language and Literature, MutahUniversity, Jordan

15. 2009 The Poetic Pastiches andTheir Impact on Enriching the Literary Heritage, Co- authored, Dirasat Magazine, Volume 37, Issue No. 2, University of Jordan

16. 2009 The Paragraph Between Theory And Application In Modern Standard Arabic, Co-authored, AtlasStudies and Research Magazine, Vol. 4, Issue No. 1, Oman.

17. 2009 Al-Suyuti and His BookAl-Mozhir (Methodological, Analytical and Critical Study), Co-authored, Journal of the Faculty of Arts, January Issue No. 25, Helwan University

18. 2009 Asaad bin Mamati’s Poetry (Collection andEditing), Co-authored , Journal of Faculty of Arts, Cairo University

19. 2009 Modern Stylistic Inheritance of ArabicEloquence, Co-authored ,Scientific Journal of the Faculty of Arts, No. 6, Ain Shams University, Egypt

20. 2013 Quality of Master's Thesis Standards in Middle East University (AnAssessment and Evaluation), Co-authored, Third International ArabConference for Quality Assurance of Higher Education (IACQA2013), the General Secretariat, Zarqa University 2012-2013

21. 2011 Poetry of theNobel Bordah In the FirstThree Centuries, Faculty of Islamic Research, Bahaauddin Zakaria University, Pakistan

22. 2013 Arabic TANNAL , the Custodian of Arab Identity, International Council of Arabic Language, Second International Conference on Arabic Language, Dubai 

 23. 2013 “Ya Laylo Sab”Poem and Its Pastiches, A Unique Phenomenon in Modern

     2014   Arabic Poetry, Centerfor Islamic Research, Multan, Pakistan

24. 30/10/2013 Arabic TANNAL, A new Addition On The Web- Amman Arab University

25. 2014 The Concealed Bodyof The Protagonist In Al- Hamdani’s Maqamas (A Semiotic Reading)- Journal of Arab Science / Islamic University of Bahul Bor

26. 2014 Coining in Arabic between ancient and moderns, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, Vol. 7, May 2014, ISSN 2220-8488, USA.


Academic and Administrative Experience


A - Middle East University - Present

1. 1/10/2014-  Professor and Secretary General of the Arab TANNA (TEST FOR Present ARABIC NATIVES & NON-NATIVES)

2. 13/10/2008     Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences 15/9/2013

3. 10/6/ 2007-    Acting Dean of Scientific Research 8/10/2007 

4. 13/10/2007     Acting Dean of the Facultyof Humanities

5. 2006-2009   Member of Academic Accreditation and Quality Control Committee

6 . 2006             Head of ArabicLanguage Department

7. 2006-2007      Head of Arabicand English Languages Department

8. 2007-2010      Member of the Social Committee at the University

9. 2007-2013      Member of the Study PlansCommittee at the University

10. 3/11/2008     Member of the Student GuideCommittee

11. 8/11/2008     Member of the Scholarship Committee

12. 2008-2010    Member of the Student SupportFund Committee

13. 21/6/2009     Member of the Promotion Committee

14. 2008/2010    Member of the Postgraduate Education Board

15. 2007-2009    Member of the University Board

16. 8/3/2010    Member of Scientific Research Methods Course Teachers Committee

17. 2009             Editing of documents and letters issuedby the University

18. 2009             Language Checker forMaster’s Thesis

19. 2009       Member of the Committee on Development of Job Description of The Jobs of the University Departments

20. 2010          Chairman of the Committee ForThe Equivalence of Study Materials

21. 2010     Chairman of the Committee on the book of cultural harvestfrom 2009 - until now.

22. 7/10/2012     President of Yacooub Nasser Al-Din Fund forHelping  Needy  Students

23. 28/2/2011      Liaison officer of the Accreditation and Quality  Assurance  Committee at the University

24. 3/11/2010      Head of Accreditation and Quality Assurance   Committee,  Faculty of Arts

25. 2006-2013      Member of the University Board

26. 2006-2013      Member of theMiddle East University Board

Academic and Administrative Experience A - Middle East University 2006 – Present


27. 7/10/2012 Member of PublicSafety and Emergency Committee at the University

28. 7/10/2012 Member of the Post graduate Education Board at the University

29. 7/10/2012 Member of the Scientific Research Board at the University

30. 7/10/2012 Member of implementation of the strategic plan follow up team at the University

31. 7/10/2012 Member of Appointment and Promotion Committee at the University

32. 7/10/2012 Member of the Study PlansCommittee at the University

33. 7/10/2012 Member of Promotion and Recruitment Committee at the University

34. 24/1/2013 Chairman of Committee for Promotion In the Directorates of Education, CulturalAttachés, Clubs and Associations

35. 20/2/2013 Chairman of the E- learning System Implementation Committee, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

36. 5/10/2011 Member of the Academic StaffPreliminary Board

37. 5/10/2011 Member of the Telephone Directory Committee

38. 5/10/2011 Chairman of the Cultural Committee at the University

39. 4/12/2011 Member of the Conferences and Seminars Committee

40. 21/5/2011 Assistant To the University President for Community Affairs


Academic and Administrative Experience:

B - AlIsra Private University 1996- 2006

1. 1999-2004 Head of University Requirements Head of Arabic Language and Education Department then Arabic Language Department

2. 1999-2004 Acting Dean of the Facultyof Arts (shortand long intermittent periods)

3. 1999-2004 Member of the Faculty of Arts Boardat the University

4. 2002 Member of the Academic Staff Preliminary Disciplinary Board at the University

5. 2003 Member of Languages Center Board at the University

6. 2004 Supervising Arabic language development plan and methods of teaching its materialsProject

7. 2002-2005 Cultural Club and Al-Qlam Magazine Counselor

8. 2003-2005 Member of the Scientific Research Board at the University

9. Several years Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Arabic Language Plans (BA, MA, Islamic Studies and Education)

10. Several years Member of the Committee for Department of Arabic Language Study Plans and Accreditation, Department of Education and Department of Sharia and Master

11. 1998 Seminars and Lectures Committee memberat the university

12. 1998-2003 Chairman of theAnnual Book Committee

13. 2002-2006 University of Isra Boardmember


Academic and Administrative Experience


University of Sana'a 1995-1996 

1. 1995-1996 Head of Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Arabic Language at Sana'a University / Yemen

2. 1996 Chairman of Examination Committee, Faculty of Education, Sana'aUniversity

3. 1996 Member of the Curriculum and Study PlansCommittee at the University of Science and Technology, Sana'a / Yemen




  • Conference of the Association of Faculties of Arts Members of Arab Universities Union as Dean / University of Khartoum - Sudan 1-3 April 2003.
  • Conference of the Association of Faculties of Arts Members of Arab Universities Union, participated with a research entitled "Faculty of Arts and Mechanisms of Interaction With The Labor Market - a Contemporary View." University of Damascus / Syria (2004).
  • Conference of the Association of Faculties of Arts Members of Arab Universities Union as Dean, participated with a research entitled "Prospecting Advancement Visions for the Development of Textbooks and Curricula" (2005).
  • Conference of the Arab Thought Foundation - Beirut, participated with a research entitled "Higher Education / Future Vision", 1-4 March 2005. The researchwas published in a specialbook for the Conference.
  • Conference of the Association of Faculties of Arts - Aleppo / Syria as Dean, participated with a research entitled "Postgraduate Education BetweenPain And Hope" 4-5 April 2006.
  • Conference of the Association of Faculties of Arts / Al-Jinan University, Tripoli, Lebanon, participated with a research entitled "Quality Assurance Standards" (2007).
  • The First Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Arts, Al-Isra Private University "Arabic Language and Literature at Jordanian Universities: Present and Future, 2006.
  • Conference on the Development of University Proficiency in Arabic Language and Literature at Jordanian Universities, University of Jordan and Hashemite University, a research entitled " Al-Isra University Experience in Teaching Arabic Language Skills" (2007).
  • Cultural and Scientific Encounters at Asmaria University, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, a research entitled "Arab Plans and Curricula Development Project in the Frameworks of Education and Information" (2007).
  • Participated in a Conference entitled "Faculties of Arts and Future Challenges " Oman / University of Muscat 24/4/2010.
  • Participated in the Arabic Language Third Conference in the Madaba Directorate of Education with a paper entitled: "Weakness of Written Expression And Methods Of Evaluation" 29/3/2010.
  • Participated in the Faculty of Arts Conference - Master’s thesis / St Joseph University 2012.
  • Participated in the conference of the faculties of arts - entitled: The Present Vs. The Desired, at Zarqa University 2011.
  • Participated in the conference of the faculties of arts at Mansoura University / Egypt 20/4/2013.
  • Attended the first conference of the Jordan Library and Information Society, the Royal Cultural Center (29/10/2013).
  • General Conference of the forty-seventh session of the Union of Arab Universities / Amman / Middle East University (26/3/2014).
  • Cultural seasons / Arabic language Academy / Amman (5/2014).
  • Third Conference of the International Council for Arabic Language - Dubai (5/2014).
  • Consultative Forum for the Advancement of Arabic / General Secretariat of the Arab University / Cairo (29/10/2014), the 1995 and 1996 Conferences.
  • Attended the 6th International Conference of the Arabic Language Council - Dubai 1/5/2017.
  • Participated in the Committee of Educational Expertsfor International Tests ,League of Arab States 10/5/2017.

Published Books  


1. 2005 Paragraph Writing, A’lamAlthaqafah Publishing House, Amman/ Jordan

2. 2005 Art of Essay Writing, A’lamAlthaqafah Publishing House,Amman / Jordan

3. 2006 Al-Wafi (i.e. the complete book) In ProsodyAnd Rhymes, A’lamAlthaqafah Publishing House, Amman / Jordan.

4. 2006 Literary Text Appreciation, Haneen Publishing House,Amman / Jordan.

5. 2006 Dictation Drawing Skill,A’lam Althaqafah Publishing House, Amman / Jordan

6. 2005 Reading skill (2),A’lam Althaqafah Publishing House, Amman/ Jordan.

7. 2005 Listening and Speaking Skills (2), A’lamAlthaqafah Publishing House,Amman / Jordan.

8. 2006 Arabic Language Skills(2), Haneen Publishing House, Amman / Jordan.

9. 2006 Arabic Language Skills(1), Haneen Publishing House,Amman / Jordan.

10. 2007 A Comprehensive Book ofMorphology, Haneen Publishing House, Amman / Jordan.

11. 2007 A Comprehensive Bookof Grammar, - Haneen Publishing House, Amman / Jordan.

12. 2007 Literature in the Dawn of Islam and the UmayyadState, Haneen Publishing House, Amman / Jordan.

13. 2007 Arabic Eloquence) Diction and Rhetoric) (1) (Al-Bayan and Badi'a) Haneen Publishing House, Amman/ Jordan.

14. 2007 The Arabic Eloquence (2)( Semantics), Haneen Publishing House,Amman / Jordan.

15. 2007 English Communication Skillsfor Arab Student, Atlas Global Center for Studies and Research,Amman, Jordan

16. 2010 The Paragraph - HaneenPublishing House, Amman/ Jordan.

17. 2014 A book entitled (Functional Grammar Beforetaking Arabic TANNAL (Test For Arabic Native & Non-Native Speakers) .

18. 2014 A book entitled (Functional Morphology andDictionaries Before taking Arabic TANNAL (Test For Arabic Native & Non-Native Speakers) .

19. 2014 A book entitled Dictation and Punctuation Before taking ArabicTANNAL (Test For Arabic Native & Non-Native Speakers) .

20. 2014 A book entitled Common Errors Before taking Arabic TANNAL(Test For ArabicNative & Non-Native Speakers) .

21. 2014 A book entitled Prosody and RhymeBefore taking ArabicTANNAL (Test ForArabic Native & Non-Native Speakers) .

22. 2014 Eloquence Before taking Arabic TANNAL(Test For ArabicNative & Non-Native Speakers) .

23. 2017 Pre-Islamic Literature Beforetaking Arabic TANNAL(Test For ArabicNative & Non- Native Speakers) .

24. 2017 Abbasid Literature Before taking ArabicTANNAL (Test For Arabic Native& Non- Native Speakers) .

25. 2017 Literature of Successive StatesBefore taking ArabicTANNAL (Test ForArabic Native &Non-Native Speakers) .

26. 2017 Andalusian literature Before taking Arabic TANNAL (TestFor Arabic Native& Non- Native Speakers) .

28. 2017 Modern ArabicLiterature Before takingArabic TANNAL (TestFor Arabic Native& Non-Native Speakers) .

29. 2017 Ancient and Modern Arab Criticism Beforetaking Arabic TANNAL (Test For Arabic Native & Non-Native Speakers) .


Training Portfolios 


  1. Morphology Portfolio                                                                             2017
  2. Grammar Portfolio                                                                                2017
  3. Dictation and Punctuation Portfolio                                                         2017
  4. Common Errors Portfolio                                                                       2017
  5. Educational Supervisors (SS)
  6. School Principals (HT)
  7. Training of Trainers (TOT)
  8. Ensuring Quality andControl of Schools
  9. Training Program for the BasicCourse for Teachers (EP).


External Activities and Community Service

1. 14/8/2002 Member of the Promotion Sub- Committee for Teachers in Madaba Education Directorate (Ministry of Education).

2. 19/1/2003 Member of the Promotion Sub- Committee For Teachers In The Education Directorate of Debaan (Ministry of Education)

3. 2000-2006 Member of the Teaching Staff of Imams and Preachers In the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

4. 1999-2005 Member of the Preparatory Committee For The Symposiums In Jerusalem Day Committee (Jerusalem Forum)

5. 2006 Member of the Refeering and Competitions Committee in the Jerusalem Day Committee (Jerusalem Forum)

6. 2006 Member of the Supervising and Evaluation Committee for Gifted and Talented Students in public and private universities.

7. 2004 Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the Reconstruction of the Mosqueof the University of Isra.

8. 2002-2004 Member of the Board of Directors of Makassed CharityHospital / Amman

9. 2005 Chairman of the Committee for Giving Publicity to the book: «Echo of Nostalgia» by Dr. Safwat Haddadin, under the patronage of His RoyalHighness Hamza in the Royal Cultural Theater / Jordan.

10. 2006 Chairman of the Committee for Giving Publicity to the novel: (Illusion) by Dr. Faisal Balawi, Royal Cultural Theater / Jordan.

11. Ongoing Master of official and public ceremonies


Membership In Scientific and Editorial Associations, Unions and Bodies

1. 2007 Member of the Jordanian Writers Union.

2. 2009 Member of the Association of Arab and French Universities for Scientific Cooperation, France.

3. 2009 Member of the Jordanian Educational Association.

4. 2013 Member of the Arabic Language International Council - Beirut - Lebanon

5. 2013 Member of the International Institute of IslamicThought.

6. 2014 Member of the Jordanian Cultural Diversity Forum.

7. 2014 Member of the Advisory BodyAt Maarif Scientific Refereed Journal / University of Akli Olhaj / Bouira / Algeria.

8. 2017 Member of Educational Specialized Experts Committee/ League of ArabStates.


Research Interests


1. Academic quality and accreditation

2. Preparation of booksin Arabic language according to the European language skills methodology

3. Developing plans and courses of Arabic language departments.

4. Participatory qualitative scientific research.

5. Preparation of research of critical nature.

6. Addition of training , functional and practical courses in Arabic language at the Department of Arabic language.

7. Preparation, implementation andfollowing-up of construction and development of the educational institution academically and in terms of research.

8. Methodology of scientific research

Courses Attended 

1. 28-29 / 10/2010 Self-Assessment and QualityAssurance Certificate Granting Procedures, Higher Education Institutions Accreditation Authority / Jordan

2. 4/12 - 22/5/2010 Participation in the Professional Development Training Program For Academic Staff at the Middle East University.

3. 13 / 4- 22/5/2010 Academic Guidance Operator Leadership (fields, types,methods and tools)

4. 2006 University of Isra Computer leadership License Course,(60) theoretical hours And (60) free hours.

5. 1983 A course in English Language Skills (Petra) at the Rehabilitation and Training Centerat the Ministry of Education / Jordan.

6. 1976 A course in contemporary mathematics at theJordan Ministry of Education

7. 4/11/2011 A one- monthcourse in customer service skills at the University.

8. 20/11/2011 A one- monthcourse in publicrelations skills , etiquette and protocol.

9. 3 /9/ 2016 Personal Leadership Development Course / Queen's University in Belfast.

10. 1/4/2017 Training courseon how to construct and develop Arabic language tests and how to analyze results.

11. 6th International Conference of the ArabicLanguage



1. Arabiclanguage departments developing plans and developing and improving their curricula.

2 – Arabic TANNAL for Native And Non-Native Speakers.

3. Code of EthicalConduct for AcademicStaff.

 4- The distinguished image of the University.

5- Faculty of Arts axes and strategy development

6–Scientific research guidance for Master’s Thesis.

7– Technical production and linguistic negative aspects of master's thesis and doctorate desertation.

8– Constructing MA plan in applied Arabic language/ (unclear and unreadable words)


Supervision and Refereeing 


Supervising and Discussing Master's Thesis and Doctoral Dissertations


  1. Fadi Ali Mohammed Shatnawi / Basrians Grammarian Arguments Based on Quranic Recurrent Qira’at (i.e. methodsof recitation).
  2. Mohammed Saleh Al-Mashaala / The Narrative Vision and Its Components In Sanaa Shaalan's Narrative Experience.
  3. Abdul Aziz Ghannam Al-Mutairi / Psychological Indication of Color In Nature Poetry In the Andalusian Era.
  4. Faleh Bdah Ajmi / AL-Abdia Benefits, Explanation of Al-Zamakhshari 's Model.
  5. Abdullah Ali Jaber Al-Marri, Al-Farouk’s (i.e. Omar bin Alkhattab) Elocution : A Stylistic Study.
  6. 2011 Essam Lotfi Sabah / Imagery In the Poetry of Al Wawa’ Al Damashqi.
  7. 2011 Abeer Hassan Mahrouq / Body Language In the Hamdani’s Maqamat(i.e. rhymed tales).
  8. Bader Nayef Al - Rashidi /Spatial Images In the Poetry of Ahmed Al - Saqqaf.
  9. 2010 Sabah Amjad Al-Sharif / Invocation In the Nobel Prophetic Hadith: Styles and Indications.
  10. Ahmed Jarrar / Effect of Grammatical and Rhetorical Rules on the Jurisprudential Construction of The Book (Al-Rawdhah Al-Nadiyah).
  11. Refereeing and discussion of researches and master’s thesis (ongoing).
  12. Refereeing and discussion of researches and doctoral dissertations (ongoing).
  13. Refereeing promotions from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor (ongoing).
  14. Refereeing promotions from Associate Professor to Professor(ongoing).
  15. Supervising draftresearches for studentsof the Comprehensive Exam track. 

Achievements and Awards

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