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Mustafa Abu Sway

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1958
  • Age: 58
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Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Islamic Studies and Director of the Islamic Research Center at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem / Palestine. He is also the coordinator for the MA program in Contemporary Islamic Studies. 
He graduated from Bethlehem University (BA, 1984), Boston College (MA, 1985 & PhD, 1993).
Dr. Abu Sway taught at Bethlehem University 1985-88, Boston College 1989-93, International Islamic University-Malaysia 1993-95, where he was the chairperson of the Dept. of Philosophy, International Institute for Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC) 1995-96, and joined Al-Quds University since 1996.
He is one of the winners, along with Dr. Khaled Salem from Al-Quds Univ., of the Science and Religion Course Award 2001, The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Berkeley, CA
He published two books: Islamic Epistemology: The Case of Al-Ghazzali (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1995), and Fatawa Al-Ghazzali (ISTAC, 1996). He also co-authored the Islamic Education Book (7th Grade) for the Palestinian Ministry of Education (to be published in 2001).  Dr. Abu Sway has contributed numerous papers on Al-Ghazzali, Imam Al-Nursi, Islam and globalization, Islam and the environment, and various other contemporary Islamic issues.
Dr. Abu Sway is active in interfaith dialogue for many years. He contributed a paper “Ibrahim in the Islamic Scriptures” to Abraham in the Three Monotheistic Faiths (Jerusalem: PASSIA, 1998)
In addition to his academic role, he is involved in public issues locally and internationally.  He published many papers and articles concerning Islam and the various aspects of the Palestinian issue.


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