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Omar Khatib

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1930
  • Age: 86
  • Curriculum vitae :


He was born in 1930 (died in December 7th 2007 (77) years old) Khatib received a certificate of passing to the Palestinian higher education (Metruc Palestine) in 1948 and Metruc London in 1949, and Bachelor of Social Science from the American University in Cairo in 1956 and MA in radio and television from Syracuse University in the United States in 1963 and Ph.D. in Mass Communication from The Ohio State University in the United States in 1972.


Achievements and Awards

He held the following positions

- Head of production and large radio broadcasters in Jordan (1959-1962).

- Comptroller General of the radio programs in Jordan

-1964 Adviser on the Radio and Television, Ministry of Information of Saudi Arabia (1965-1967).

- Assistant Director-General of the Jordan Television Corporation (1967-1969).

- Director General of Radio and Television - Abu Dhabi (1969-1970).

- Director of the Office of the League of Arab States to the media in the southwestern United States (Dallas - Texas) (1972-1973).

- Advisor to the Ministry of Information and Culture, United Arab Emirates (1975-1977).

 Khatib, and has held academic posts the following:

- Professor of Media University of Jordan (1973 - 1975) and (1977-1978).

- Professor of Media at the University of King Saud University (1978-1985).

- Professor of Media at the University of Stanford - United States (1985-1986).

And his writings and his published research:

- Media Development (Book).

- Mass Communication (Book Compiler).

- Analysis of trends in the development and broadcast media (radio and television) in the third world during the past two decades (in English).

- Public television commercial and democratic culture (in English).

- The impact of American television abroad: imperialism means (in English). - Control of the television program in American society (in English).

- TV and cultural responsibility in the modern Arab society (in English).

- Patterns of development in a global media (in English).

- The idea of development and the problems of identification concept (in English).

- The Western press and the myth of objectivity (in Arabic).

- Education through credit systems remotely (in Arabic).

- Remote Sensing: Parties and the implications and issues (in Arabic).

- The international flow of news: the style and direction (in Arabic).


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