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Jamal Abo Omar

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Pakistan
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
  • Curriculum vitae :



Doctor of philosophy in animal nutrition. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Fall 1989. Major: Animal Nutrition. Concentration of courses: Animal Production, Biochemistry. Doctoral Dissertation: "Methane Losses by Steers Fed Ionophores Singly or Alternatively". 

Master of science in animal science. Texas A and M university. Texas, USA. Fall, 1982 Major: Animal Nutrition. Concentration of courses: Animal Production. 

Bachelor of animal science. University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan. June, 1979. 

Employment history: 

2005: Professor
1990- Present: Instructor at department of animal production
1996- 1998: Dean, Faculty of agriculture
1990- 1992: Director, Rural research cente/ An najah national univ
2005-2008: Coordinator of animal production master program


Jamal M. Abo Omar. 1994. Poultry projects in Palestine. Der 
Tropenlandwirt, 98, Jahrgang. 30-36.
Jamal M. Abo Omar, K. Johnson and D. E. Johnson. 1994. Visceral organ 
mass of lambs fed four roughage diets. An Najah J. Res. 8: 157- 172.
Jamal M. Abo Omar. 1995. Visceral organ mass of lambs fed four levels of  olive cake. Islamic University Journal. 3: 171- 180.

Jamal M. Abo Omar and L. Gavoret. 1995. Performance of Awassi lambs fed 
different levels of olive pulp. Revue. Med. Vet. 145: 87- 94. 

Abo Omar, J., R. Daya and A. Salama. Effects of different strategies of protein feedings on performance and visceral organ mass of Awassi lambs. Rev. Med. Vet. (France).

Abo Omar, J. and O. Naser. 2011. Effects of crude protein contents and sources on the growth performance and the visceral organ mass in fattening Assaf lambs. Rev. Med. Vet. (France). 


Achievements and Awards

  • 1986: AMIDEAST Scholarship for Ph.D. study
  • 1992: DAAD Scholarship/ Germany
  • 2008: Sabatical leave to hebron university
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