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Nidal Younes

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
  • Curriculum vitae :


C.V Prof. Younes-1
Prof. Nidal Younes
Consultant Endocrine Surgery
Faculty of Medicine/ University of Jordan
Diabetic Foot Specialist
National Center of Diabetes Endocrine Disease and Genetics
Name: Nidal Abdel Raouf Younes
Jordan University
Queen Rania St.
PO Box 13024
Amman 11942- JORDAN
Fax: 00962-6-5353399
Mobile Phone: 00962-79-5686312
Date of Birth: 1962
Nationality: Jordanian
Gender: Male
General Secondary Education Certificate / Jordan
Grade: Excellent
Rank: 1st position in Al-kora District 96.2%
Date Issued: July 1980
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) / U.S.A
Date Issued: 1994
M.B, B.Sc / Jordan
Grade: Very Good
Issued in June 1986 by Faculty of Medicine / University of
Jordan after a 6-year course (September 1980- June 1986)
License to Practice Medicine / Jordan
Issued in May 1987 by Ministry of Health
MA in General Surgery
Issued in June 1991 by the University of Jordan ( 4 year
Program 1987-1991)
Certificate of Specialization in general Surgery
Issued in June 1991 by Jordan Medical Council
Certificate issued by Educational Commission for Foreign Medical
Graduate (ECFMG Certificate) / U.S.A
Issued in March 1993 after passing the three components of
FMGEMS (Basic, Clinical and English)
 Postdoctoral Research Fel low in Endocrine Surgery
Issued in June 1995 by the University of Chicago- USA
T.S. Reeve fellowship in Endocrine surgery
Issued in June in 1996 – University of Sydney-Australia
Senior Consultant Endocrine Surgeon
Jordan University Hospital
Amman – Jordan
Diabetic Foot specialist
Jordan University Hospital + NCDEG
Jordan University Hospital
Amman – Jordan
July 1986 - May 1987
Resident In general Surgery
Jordan University Hospital/ General Surgery
Amman - Jordan
June 1987 - June 1991
Research and Teaching Assistant and Fellow in Endocrine Surgery
General Surgery
School of Medicine / Jordan University
Amman - Jordan
September 1991 - May 1993
 Postdoctoral research fel low at the Mount Zion Medical center
June 1993-Aug 1993
Postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Chicago Hospitals
Chicago- USA 1993-1995
Sydney Hospitals
Sydney- Australia June 1995- June 1996
Surgical Intensive Care Fellow / Cook County Hospital, UIC Chicago
USA 1996- 1997
General Surgery
School of Medicine
The University of Jordan
Amman - Jordan
Aug 1997 - December 2003
General Surgery
The University of Jordan
Professor and Consultant
General Surgery
Faculty of medicine /The University of Jordan
2008-to date
 office at JUH hospital
Research and clinical work in islet transplantation
University of Chicago
Vice dean for Quality affairs
Faculty of Medicine- The University of Jordan
Vice dean for Hospital affairs
Faculty of Medicine- The University of Jordan
Chief of staff/ Director of Medical Affairs
Jordan University Hospital- The University of Jordan
Dean Faculty of Medicine at Hashemite University
The Hashemite University of Jordan
- Jordan Medical Association (since 1987)
- Jordanian surgical Society (since 1991)
- International association of endocrine surgeons
- Chairman Jordan Fulbright Association Alumni Oct 2011 to date
- Chairman Media committee Jordan University Hospital
- Chairman Y2K committee Jordan University Hospital 1999
- Chairman IRB committee for International Pharmaceutical
research center 1999- 2006
- Member Scientific and Research committee faculty of medicine
- Member Faculty of Medicine Accreditation Committee JUH-09
- Member of Operational Committee of Jordan at JUH
- Member of Emergency and Disaster Committee JUH-2007-2008
- Chairman Scientific and Research committee JUH -2009 to 2012
- Chairman Training and Planning committee JUH-2009-2012
- Chairman scientific committee for the 2nd conference of JU
Medical School at the Faculty of Medicine at JU-2009
- Fulbright review committee for postdoctoral awards 07- to date
- Member of the Supreme Committee to develop a Strategy to
achieve the vision of the university of Jordan to become the
first research university in Jordan by the year 2015
- Chairman Clinical Research Committee at IPRC/Jordan
- Member of the accreditation committee JHH 2009-2011
- Member of Scientific committee for the ASRF/Jordan .
 - Continuous medical education Committee, Jordan Medical
Council. Amman Jordan. December 2012- 2014
-Member Scientific and Examination Committee of Jordanian
Board, (General Surgery Division –JMC 03- 2009)
- Chairman Medical and pharmaceutical Science section
at the JSRF 2012-2015
- Committee of Appointment and Promotion, Hashemite
University, Zarqa – Jordan, 2015-2916
-Committee of BA regulations, Hashemite
University, Zarqa – Jordan, 2015-2916
- Chairman of the medical insurance committee Hashemite
University, Zarqa – Jordan, 2015-2916
-Chairman of the higher medical committee Hashemite
University, Zarqa – Jordan, 2015-2916
-Committee of reviewing MD regulations, Hashemite
University, Zarqa – Jordan, 2015-2916
- Chairman of the JUH strategic plan committee
Jordan University Hospital , 2016- to date
-Chairman of Several Adhoc Committees at the National
accreditation agency:
1. University Violence and extraciricular activities
2. Accreditation of The Hospital of Jordan
3. Accreditation of medical school at JUST University
4. Follow up accreditation of Faculty of Medicine and
Pharmacy at Yarmouk University

Regular reviewer for the following journals:
1. Annals of Saudi medicine
2. Jordan medical journal
3. Saudi medical journal
Postgraduate thesis supervision:
1. Mossab Al Abed- Master thesis. prevalence of foot ulcers
diabetic foot ulcers and foot at risk and the associated risk
factors at The National Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology &
Genetics 2007 granted from JU and and NCDEG
2. Mohammad Malkawi- Master thesis. The frequency of Charcot
foot deformity among diabetic patients in Jordan attending the
NCDEG granted from JU and and NCDEG
3. Abdullah Saleh- Master thesis Glycemic Control and the Risk of
Foot Complication in Patient’s with Diabetes In Diabetic Foot
Clinic, granted from JU and and NCDEG 2010
4. Nares Hakoz -Master thesis effect of tight blood sugar control
on diabetic foot healing granted from JU 2010
5. Ali Alyahwi- Master thesis. Epidemiology of thyroid cancer in
Jordan: a review with special reference to minimally invasive
(miFTC) and occult papillary cancer (OPTC)from Jordan
University Hospital. Granted from JU 2020
C.V Prof. Younes-10
6. Amjad abu Zakia. Effectivness of Offloading methods in the
Healing of Diabetic neuropathic Planter Foot Ulcers.2011
7. Lubna Gharaibeh : evaluation of VTE prophylaxis at Jordan
university Hospital, appropriateness and cost effectiveness
8. Senan Tabanjah "Recurrent Foot Ulcers; Frequency and
Associated Risk Factors" 2013-2014
9. Mahmoud Abu yahya: prevalence and severity of foot ulcers
among diabetic patients attending diabetic clinics at the
Ministry of health in Jordan 2013-2014
10. Suliman restless leg syndrome among diabetic patients
Frequency and Associated Risk Factors" 2014-2015
11. Ali psychiatric disorders among diabetic foot patients
Frequency and Associated Risk Factors" 2014-2015
12. Ahmad abo Rub, Quality of life among diabetic foot patients.
A) Book Chapters
1. Kaplan EL, Eto K, Younes N, and Tanaka R; Surgery for Primary
Hyperparathyrodism. Kidney Stones: Medical and Surgical Management,
Coe, Favus, Pak, Parks and Preminger (ed), 1996.
2. Younes N Kaplan EL; Nesidioblastosis. GEP and Multiple Neuro
Endocrine tumors, Piccn Nuova, Libraria-Padova, 1996 Italian text book,
3. Kaplan EL, Younes N, Tanaka R: Surgery for the thyroid gland. The thyroid
and its diseases, DeGroot, Larsen and Hennemann., 1996.

B) Original articles
1. Kaplan EL, Tanaka R, Ito K, Younes N, and Friesn SR; The discovery of
the Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome. Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic
Surgery 1994. 1:509-516,
2. Younes N, Robinson B, and Delbridge L: The etiology, investigation and
management of surgical disorders of the thyroid gland. Aus.N.Z.J. Surg
3. Younes N , Fulton N, Tanaka R, Wayne J, Straus FH 2nd, Kaplan EL.
The presence of K-12 ras Mutations in Doudenal Adenocarcinomas and
the Absence of ras Mutations in Other Small Bowel Adenocarcinomas and
Carcinoid Tumors. Cancer1997; 79 (9):1804-1808
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Guinea A Surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism 1962-1996:
Indications and outcomes. Med J Australia 1998;168:153-156.
5. Younes N, AlQudah MS, Daradkeh S et al. Assessing predictors of
outcome in necrotizing fasciitis at Jordan University Hospital. Jordan
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thyroidectomy. Asian J Surg. 2002 Jul;25(3):226-31.
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Clinical spectrum of primary hyperparathyroidism.
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Zaheri M. Adrenocortical carcinoma: a clinicopathologic study of 11 cases
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10. Younes NA , Albsoul AM. Surgery versus pharmacotherapy of benign
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11. Younes NA, Albsoul AM. The DEPA scoring system and its correlation
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12. Younes NA, Albsoul AM, Awad H. Diabetic heel ulcers: a major risk
factor for lower extremity amputation. Ostomy Wound Manage. 2004
13. Badran D, Younes N and Hadidi A. Tran cervical plane: relevance to
neck anatomy and minimally invasive neck surgery. Eur J Anat
14. Younes NA, Shafagoj Y, Khatib F, Ababneh M. Laboratory screening for
hyperparathyroidism. Clin Chim Acta. 2005 Mar;353(1-2):1-12.
15. Younes NA, Mahafza WS, Agabi SS. Brown tumor of the femur
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16. Younes NA MD, Maysa.A Al-Hussaini.Unusual association between
splenectomy and Kikuchi's disease: case report and review of the literature.
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17. Younes NA , Shomaf M , and Al Hassan L Simultaneous medullary and
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18. Daoud F, Younes N, Mossad J, Sroujieh AS. Branchial remnants: a
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19. Shomaf M, Younes NA, Albsoul N, Ayman Musmar A D, Mohammed A
Zaheri M, Tarawneh M, and Sroujieh A. New trends in the clinicopathological
features of differentiated thyroid cancer in central Jordan.
Saudi Med J 2006;27 (2):447-452
20. Younes N, Albsoul A, Badran D, Obedi S. Wound bed preparation with
10 percent phenytoin ointment increases the take of split-thickness skin
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21. Younes N, Sbeih M. Unusual association between renal tubular acidosis
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46. Darwish Badran, Ahmad Oudeh, Badi Rwashdeh, Abdullah Thwabah,
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submitted to diabetic foot journal.
Presentations During Conferences and Meetings:
1998 Molecular biology of thyroid cancer, Jordan surgical association conference
Amman, Jordan
1998 Necrotizing fasciitis at JUH. Jordan surgical association conference Amman,
1999 Adrenocortical carcinoma in Jordan. Jordan endocrinology association
Conference, Amman, Jordan
2000 Diabetic foot Ulcers Jordan endocrinology association Amman, Jordan
2001 Diabetic foot Ulcers Islasmic Hospital Amman, Jordan
2002 Hyperparathyroidism Al Basheer Hospital Amman, Jordan
2003 New strategies in the management of thyroid cancer
Update in the Molecular biology of thyroid cancer
Management of thyroid nodules Subrata Cancer Center Lybia
2004 Transcervical plane and its role in minimally invasive surgery
Faculty of medicine at JUST Conference Irbid Jordan
 2004 Hyperparathyroidism In Jordan Pan Arab surgical meeting Kuwait
2005 Diabetic foot disease Jordan Surgical Association
The spectrum of diabetic foot ulcers in Jordan Seoul Korea
2006 Islet cell transplantation Islamic Hopsital Jordan
Management of hypercalcemia Jordan medical association Irbid- Jordan
2006 The quest for appropriate source for islet cell transplantation San jan
Puerto Rico, USA
2007 Islet cell transplantation Jordan surgical association conference
2007 The Role of internet in medical education Jordan surgical association conference
Amman, Jordan
2008 New concepts in the management of diabetic foot disease Jordan surgical
Association conference Amman, Jordan
2009 .Moderator of Safe surgery session in the annual conference of the Jordan
association of surgeons Amman, Jordan
2010 .Thyroid cancer in Jordan. Jordan medical association Zarqa- Jordan
2011 . Radiation induced thyroid cancer Jordan medical association Jordan
2012 Minimally invasive parathyroid surgery Jordan medical association Jordan
2013 Diabetic foot in Jordan WDLS 2015
2014 The Burden of diabetic Foot AlZarqa Hospital 2016
2015 Endocrine surgery from long incisions to minimally invasive surgery RA
annual conference 2015
- Regular writer at Alrai newspaper and Talabanews
First: A writer in Al-Rai newspaper on topics related to the medical profession, higher education, universities and some topics
Public average two articles per month. More than 120 articles
Some selected articles
1. Has the enlightenment role of universities declined?
2. Higher education, universities and acceptance rates
3. University education between student and professor
4. When the right man gets to the right place
5. E-Services Have you reached the required level?
6. Education first
 7. Emerging universities and prestigious universities
8. New horizons for scientific research at the University of Jordan
9. The media...and the fear of mistakes
11 . A new university in Aqaba
11 . Jordanian universities in the age of technology
12 . Community service is the ultimate goal of Jordanian universities
13 . The health system in Jordan
14 . Evidence-based medicine is the best way to protect yourself
15th . Why is Jordan not a regional center for medical tourism and the pharmaceutical industry?
16 . Jordanian universities' road to the world
17 . Towards an integration relationship between the Ministry of Health and medical colleges in Jordanian universities
18 . What is required of the national strategy for the health sector for the next five years..?
19 . The new Zarqa Hospital is a great achievement that needs specialists
21 . Why are the squares on the roadsides not rehabilitated?
Writer on Tolba News, two articles per week.
Some selected articles
1. How to turn universities into an academic community
2. "What does the globalization of university education through e-learning mean?
3. Can undergraduate students be involved in conducting scientific research?
4. Why do university students not learn critical thinking?
5. Choosing the next president of the University of Jordan is not an easy task
6. What is required of the next president of the University of Jordan?
7. After succeeding in selecting the 10 list, will the Higher Education Council succeed in the remaining steps?
8. Why don't we focus on the next president's program and his vision for the advancement of the University of Jordan?
9. In choosing the president of the University of Jordan, we need frank disclosure!
11 . Can the University of Jordan establish the first "smart" university in Jordan?
11 . Who caused the cessation of acceptance of medicine in Yarmouk and Hashemite?
12 . The challenges of higher education in the reform phase
13 . Who protects patients from traffickers in the medical profession?
14 . Will Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II Technical University spark technical education in Jordan
15th . Can universities dispense with the parallel system?


Achievements and Awards

1. T.S . Reeve International Fellowship in Endocrine Surgery
University of Sydney Australia/ 95-1996
2. Fulbright Research Scholar University of Chicago-USA /06- 2007

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