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Fadia Nasser-Abu Alhija

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1955
  • Age: 67
  • Curriculum vitae :


Fadia Nasser Abu Al Haija (Hebrew: פאדיה נאסר אבו אלהיג'א) (born 1955), an Arab researcher from the Arab community in Israel in methods of research, measurement, and evaluation in education. She is a tenured professor of education at Tel Aviv University and is the chair of the Curriculum and Instruction Department.

Prof. Fadia Nasser Abu Al-Haijaa is the first from the Arab community in Israel to receive the title of professor (Professor), and she is the first Arab to be nominated for membership in the Higher Education Council in Israel. In February 2016, she and five of the 19 members of the Higher Education Council resigned, in protest against the dismissal of Prof. Hajit Mayssar Yaron, the vice-chairman of the council’s board of directors, at the hands of Education Minister Naftali Bennett.

She worked as a high school teacher in Tira, in 1977 completed her BA in sciences (mathematics, biology and chemistry) from Tel Aviv University, in 1980 she received a teaching certificate in mathematics from Tel Aviv University, in 1989 she completed her MA in research methods in education from the same university, and in 1997 she received a doctorate in research methods, measurement and evaluation in education from the Georgian University in the United States of America after receiving a grant from the US embassy in Tel Aviv for Arab students.

In 2010, she was awarded a full professorship at the university, thus becoming the first Arab woman to obtain this degree at an Israeli university.

In 2012, she was nominated on the recommendation of the Minister of Education as a member of the Higher Education Council in Israel, but returned and resigned in 2016, following the protest against the dismissal of the vice president of the council.

On International Women's Day 2016, she was chosen as one of 11 inspiring researchers at Tel Aviv University.

Membership of the Scientific Assembly of Sciences and Arts
It is worth noting that Prof. Fadia Nasser Abu Al-Haijaa is a member of the Israeli National Academic Academy of Sciences and Arts within the Initiative for Applied Research in Education, which was established in late 2003 as a joint initiative of the Israeli National Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Education and Yad Hanadiv, which also financed most of its activities in early years.

The initiative for applied research in education aims to provide updated and revised scientific information and put it at the disposal of decision makers, which may help them improve the achievements of the education system in Israel.

The topics discussed by the initiative stem from questions posed by decision makers and are determined in consultation between high-ranking officials in the Ministry of Education and other personalities concerned with the matter. The initiative works mainly through committees specialized in a specific field, committees specialized in a specific topic, and educational meetings. The researchers participating in the committees do their work on a voluntary basis. The steering committee for the initiative is appointed by the President of the Israel National Academy of Sciences.

The initiative focuses on the advisory activities that the academy provides in the field of education to the government and to various other authorities. In recent years, following the direction of various authorities and on the initiative of the Academy, the Academy's activities have expanded to include other fields in addition to education, and escort teams and scientific advisory teams have been set up in various fields (such as social welfare, health and the environment). Recently, the Knesset put forward a proposal to amend the law of the Israeli National Academy of Sciences, the aim of which is to create a change in the law regulating and arranging the function of the Academy in providing advice to the government and various authorities, similar to the building of the National Research Council (NRC) in the United States.

It is chaired by the pioneers programme
Prof. Fadia Nasser Abu Al-Heija chairs the steering committee of the Rowad project - which aims to expand access to higher education in institutions recognized by the Council of Higher Education in Israel, to include the Arab, Druze and Circassian community in order to increase the number of young people from the community going to study in universities and colleges Arabi.

One of the program's objectives is to expand the circle of pathways in higher education that help in the optimal integration of young people from the socio-economic fabric of the state.

On a personal level, the “Ruwad” program helps young people to make informed decisions that are compatible with their desires.

the secret of success
Prof. Fadia Nasser Abu Al Haija explained in a press interview on the local "Bakra" website the secret of her success by saying:

My arrival to this position means to me and to others that nothing is impossible, and this is what I believe in, and I am fully confident, and it is a tangible fact, that whoever uses all his energies in a goal, he will definitely reach it, and it is not a condition that I be a professor in order to be a human being. Distinguished or successful, everyone who achieves what he aspires to and succeeds in it deserves respect, I am talking about self-realization in any work we love and master, the builder, for example, who succeeds in achieving a beautiful house, is great, and I respect him as a head of state”...



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