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Walid Alasheem

Walid Alasheem

Sector : Cultural Figures , Singers / Musicians

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Jordan
  • Gender : Male
  • Born in : 1973
  • Age : 39
  • Curriculum vitae :


Music composer, graduated from Jordan Academy of Music. In 1990, Mr. ALHASHEEM started his music career inspired by the works of Tragedian Theater world. During his endeavor in the musical world, he obtained several Play musical awards such as:
Best Music Composing Award of (ALSOA'L) Play in Second Jordan Child theater festival, 1993.
Best Music Composing Award of (HONAK ALA ALSHAT' ALL'AKHAR) Play, Jordan Youth Theater Festival, 1994.
Best Music Composing Award of (YA SAMEA'EEN ALSOT) Play, Jordan theater festival, 1995.

Best Music Composing Award of (MLHAT AZEF ALKAMAN) Play, Ministry of Culture, Jordan theater festival sixth.
ALHASHEEM has moved to TV Drama world. In the new field, many musical video excerpts are composed for local drama in collaboration with Arab Center for Tele media Production.

 Among the several drama works, are AL-BAHAR AYOUB; AL-SHAWKA AL-SOUDA; that are directed by M. EZEZZIAH.

 In addition to the previous works, other musical pieces are composed for documentary films.

Our young musician continued his endeavor towards excellence with Drama Director NAJDAT ANZZOR, in composing music for a number of drama series such as AL-BAWASEL and ROMH ANNAR, and many others that accepted and praised by the audience.
Through his career and on the basis of faith committed to the national theme; AL-HASHEEM contributed to the formation of a number of musical groups.

 The initial works of AL-HASKEEM is started with Amman orchestra players in 1994; later he worked on BALDNA folklore group and also ALAHALI committed art group.

Achievements and Awards

The technical cooperation with the Arab tele media Center for Media Production has influence and imparted the fame of AL-HAHSEEM into the musical world.

 Among the Arab tele mdia works, that played a significant role in our musician world are ABNA' AL-RASHEED: AL-AMEN w AL-MA'MOON, RAS GHLIAS, NEMR BIN ADWAN, Abu JAFAR Al-MANSOUR.

In the last decade of the twentieth century, WALEED ALHASHEEM emerged, as one of the most important composers working in television drama industry, and his name has been associated with many of the Arabic and world wide Award-winning musicians.

 Perhaps most important of the Award wining Jordanian series is, ALEJTEAH which won the EMI Award, in 2008, in an unprecedented level of Arabic drama.

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